11 John Casey Quotes From 'Chuck' That Are You When You Are Hangry

It's two in the afternoon and lunch is a distant memory while dinner is just a mirage in the distance. You have tasks to complete, phone calls to make, and pleasantries to exchange, but the only thing you can think about is how satisfying it would be to flip your desk and then demolish an entire family size bag of chips. You are hangry, and only one fictional character gets your hangry feels: Chuck 's John Casey.

Think about it: Casey largely communicated in grunts, he existed in a constant state of being annoyed, and he was always angry about the indignities of his undercover gig as a Buy More employee. He was also tasked with saving the world a lot and making sure Chuck stayed alive, so it is safe to say Casey skipped his fair share of lunches. Was his default attitude really anger? Or was he simply hungry and overworked, leading him to be in a constant state of hangriness? I can't say for sure, but I do know only a Casey quote can truly explain how you feel when you are hangry.

Let Casey's words guide you the next time you feel the urge to snap at a co-worker. Remember, you're not really mad, you just need a sandwich and the biting wisdom of John Casey to get you feeling like yourself again.

1. "If My Primary Objective Wasn't To Protect You, I'd Kill You."


For that moment when your computer is being an idiot even after you tried turning it off and on again and someone ate your emergency pudding. I mean, why did you even bother putting your name on it?

2. "Great! The Most Annoying Romance In My Life Is Finally Over! Downstairs Now. Come On!"


Things not to say to your crying friend who just broke up with her irritating boyfriend even if you are super hungry and worried about missing your dinner reservation. Instead, try subtly herding your friend into the elevator, she will definitely be cried out before you make it to the restaurant — that's only mildly insensitive, right?

3. "It Means That He's A Moron."


That thing you meant to say in your head, but accidentally said out loud because you are delirious from hunger.

4. "Step Aside Before I Break The Rest Of Your Fingers, Or You Blow Up The Apartment."


It's nice when your significant other wants to cook dinner for you you, unless they can't cook and you haven't eaten since lunch. Then it's much nicer (and safer) for them to just let you put a frozen pizza in the oven.

5. "I Hate This Whole Family."


You while you spend hours talking to your fifth cousin twice removed at the family reunion when all you really want to do is eat all the hamburgers.

6. "You Shoot Him, I Shoot You, I Leave Both Your Bodies Here And Go Out For A Late Night Snack. I'm Thinking Maybe Pancakes."


This is why you are no longer allowed to work late.

7. "Well, Should I Pop Some Popcorn Or Beat The Answer Out Of You?"


When you are crazy hungry and your friends post a picture on Instagram of their lunch date that they failed to invite you to. Payback shall be yours as soon as you find enough sustenance to sustain your righteous fury.

8. "Right, New Tactic. You Finish The Story Or I Put Your Head Through The Wall."


Going on a first date without eating first rarely leads to a second date if your date is the chatty type.

9. "You Drive Or I End You."


Because you never joke about needing fast food and your true friends should know that by now.

10. "Stab One Guy With A Stiletto..."


On certain hangry occasions you may have gotten a little competitive about getting the last donut in the break room or the first slice of a co-worker's birthday cake, but aren't people supposed to forgive and forget? Geez.

11. "I'm A Casey, I Don't Run. I Stalk My Prey."


Only those who are habitually hangry truly understand the lengths one will go to in order to free a stuck cookie from a vending machine.

Face it, John Casey is your hangry soulmate, take heart in knowing when your hunger-fueled anger gets too out of control, Casey is right there with you in spirit.

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