Could Charlotte's Killer On

There have been so many long-standing mysteries on Pretty Little Liars that it was almost shocking when Season 6A concluded with a final answer to the Big A question. The first half of Season 6 not only revealed what really happened the night Ali went missing, but it also unmasked the person who stole the game from Mona. Charlotte, then better known to the girls as Cece, revealed herself not only to be Big A, but also Ali and Jason's sister. Post-reveal, Charlotte spent five years in a mental institution, where she got well with the help of her sister, Ali. Of course, that's just waaaay too precious an ending for Pretty Little Liars, so it makes perfect sense that the moment Charlotte was released from the hospital, she was found murdered underneath the bell tower — and a new A was seeking vengeance for her death. Charlotte's is not the only unsolved murder in Rosewood, though: Mrs. DiLaurentis' murder is still a big question mark, and Charlotte's death has me thinking there's a chance that these two DiLaurentis deaths could be connected. Could Charlotte's killer have been after both mother and daughter?

While we don't have that answer yet, we luckily do know when we will be getting it. According to a recent tweet from showrunner I. Marlene King, we'll get that answer before the end of Season 7 — which is also when the Uber A storyline is supposed to end.

Right now, it seems that we're only looking for two so-called "villains" — the person who killed Charlotte, and the person who is currently stalking the girls because of it. As of now, I think it's fair to assume that Uber A is seeking vengeance for Charlotte's murder, and therefore isn't Charlotte's killer. It also seems likely that whoever killed Mrs. DiLaurentis also came back for Charlotte — after all, two unsolved murders does point to one suspect, not two, especially considering that both women are from the same family. However, that doesn't mean that these two killers are definitely the same — even if there are two villains. So far, all we know is that Uber A didn't kill Charlotte.

But what if Uber A is the one who offed Mrs. DiLaurentis?

If Uber A is someone that knew Charlotte well, he would have seen how Mrs. DiLaurentis betrayed Charlotte (and, uh, locked her up in Radley for years), and likely wouldn't have been alright with that. If Uber A really does care that deeply for Charlotte (and is possibly as deluded as Charlotte herself was) he could have thought that killing Mrs. DiLaurentis would ultimately help Charlotte, not hurt her. That would mean that the person who did kill Charlotte was totally separate from the person who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis, without giving the show a third villain lurking around Rosewood.

Ultimately, there has to be some connection between Charlotte and Mrs. DiLaurentis' murder — and perhaps Mrs. DiLaurentis' murder was just another way for Uber A to get his twisted revenge.

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