Lady Gaga Fashion Line Plans May Surprise You

She has walked in Thierry Mugler's runway show. She has appeared in Versace ads. She has inspired countless designers, serving as a muse. Her little sister Natali is also a budding designer. So it's a foregone conclusion that Lady Gaga will design her own fashion line eventually, right? Eh, not so fast, actually. Mother Monster had a very Gaga-like response when discussing her love for fashion designers and the possibility of her own line. That is, her response was unpredictable.

Gaga told The New York Post that she has absolutely zero plans to launch her own line... ever. While I was expecting her to design her own wedding gown for when she waltzes down the aisle to marry actor Taylor Kinney, Gaga's explanation of why she isn't going to switch gears and become a designer is actually totally understandable.

The singer nodded to her "real respect for designers" as "the reason I don’t have my own line and the reason I never will. If I ever do anything in fashion, it will always just be as a muse or as an aesthetic, creative. I like to be a part of helping artists find themselves and feel good about who they are."

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There you have it! While it is tempting to think, "Never say never," it's obvs that Gaga prefers to inspire, as opposed to sketching pieces.

Another of her statements also demonstrates that she views fashion as an art and a craft. Gaga was refreshingly honest, saying, "I would never for a second claim to be proficient in fashion design because I know good looks."

She certainly does understand what looks good, as well.


Another reason it makes sense for Gaga to sidestep a fashion line is because her look is so outrageous and it works... for her. When was the last time you saw Gaga running around in jeans? Her street style isn't like, say, Rihanna's, which is a bit easier to copy.

I mean, she did rock classic Converse sneakers for hot a second and for a reason. But how often do we see Ma Monster in kicks? Like never. While she was all about vintage rock tees last summer, much of her aesthetic wouldn't really translate on the street or mass level without too much dilution of who she is.

Gaga is all about neck-snapper heels and even heel lovers have a limit when it comes to practical heel height!

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I like that Gaga isn't doing what's expected of her and isn't following in the Louboutins of so many other fashionable celebs by launching a line. It seemed like only a matter of time before she dipped her toes into designing. But she's totally not planning on it and I'm actually stoked about that. She's totally more exciting as a muse.