12 Times Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill Showed Their Love

Although she wears a giant rock on her finger, Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill aren't engaged. Instead, she explained in an interview that he plans to give her three rings before they tie the knot. Now that is quite an extravagant relationship, huh? Despite the fact that they may not be getting married anytime soon, that doesn't mean these two aren't crazy about each other. Just a quick look at the "Anaconda" singer's Instagram and you'll see plenty of pictures with her bae. Mill also tends to share coupley photos on his account.

One of my favorite things about their relationship would be that Minaj doesn't let any outside negativity get her down. Back in October, when a New York Times Magazine reporter asked how she felt about the drama between Mill and Drake, she refused to answer the question or be blamed for the guys' antics. Essentially, she stood up for herself and didn't allow herself to be consumed by drama, just because her boyfriend may have been involved.

Even though she's part of a couple, Minaj is still an independent woman and that's worth acknowledging. At the same time, it's cool to see she cares so much about Mill — and focuses on the positive moments, not the drama. Here's a round up of all the times Minaj and Mill made their love known on social media.

1. At Sporting Events

Her other Instagram posts that day showed off the cotton candy they ate, which is definitely an ideal date night meal.

2. In Dubai

Their pose of holding hands show they've got one another's backs.

3. Their Talks

That's the sign of a solid relationship.

4. This Purse

Not only does he buy her rings, but Chanel handbags are also amongst Mill's gifts to show his affection.

5. Wedding Planning

Even though they're not engaged, she decided to poll Twitter about where their wedding venue should be.

6. Selfies

Even their selfie game is strong.

7. With Grandma

How sweet is this family portrait?

8. This Tweet

Obviously this tweet was written about Mill.

9. That Ring

It sounds like Minaj loves her diamond just as much as she loves Mill.

10. At The Movies

They rented out an entire theatre — taking date night to a whole new level.

11. On A Bike

This is a little bit reminiscent of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's "Bound 2" music video, right?

12. Another Selfie

Like I said before, these two love a good selfie.

So there you have it — it doesn't necessarily take an engagement for these two to make their relationship status known. Their Instagram is all the proof anyone needs that they're head-over-heels for each other.