We Want To Know This About Bruno Mars

The immensely talented Bruno Mars will be performing at the Super Bowl halftime show this year, and, needless to say, all pop music fans should be very excited. The singer has the vocal goods, as displayed by his recent hit songs "Locked Out of Heaven," "Young Girls," and "When I Was Your Man." And, with the exception of a quick 2010 arrest for cocaine possession — which delivered Hollywood's happiest mugshot ever — Mars is one of the few celebrities who makes headlines for his talent rather than his personal life. Plus, there's that natural charm and style, which we don't see in, say, some other people. Bruno Mars never had to fake his way to the top — and, considering he landed the coveted Super Bowl halftime slot — he's definitely on top.

He might be sitting high, but considering Mars is a shorter-than-average performer, there's also plenty of attention surrounding how low he stands. One of the things you'll notice when you Google this artist is several articles and Yahoo Answers posts dedicated to his size. (Clearly, unlike, say, some other people, Bruno Mars isn't forging any documents to make himself seem taller. He doesn't need to! He is beautiful and amazing and talented and great.) And Google autocomplete gets in on things too: Type in "Bruno Mars is" and one of the first results you'll see is "short."

Of course, the attention to this (trivial) detail will only continue come Sunday, considering Bruno Mars is finally getting a major day in the sun. So, for the record, how tall is he? In case you're curious, the artist is 5'5". But, really, guys, height ain't nothing but a number. And here are some pics of Bruno Mars to prove it.

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
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Any way we can inch closer to those 5'5"?