How Rory & Jess Could Get Back Together In 'GG'

by Courtney Lindley

Don't deny it: There was something about Rory and Jess that made even the most cold-hearted viewer weak in the knees. The Gilmore Girls duo were a match made in bibliophile heaven. Despite the difficult drama that followed them, the two were irrefutably good for each other. Whereas Jess gave Rory the freedom to show her rebellious side, Rory grounded the wild nature of Jess. But, unfortunately, and as I'm sure you already know if you've ever seen an episode of Gilmore Girls, Rory and Jess didn't end up together by the time the series wrapped, and loyal fans of the pair's relationship were forced to say their goodbyes to any last remaining hope back when the finale aired in 2007. That is... until a Gilmore Girls revival was announced, and Milo Ventimiglia's involvement with said revival was confirmed (he'll be in three of the four episodes). Now avid Rory and Jess supporters heard round the world are crossing their fingers, and toes — really, all their possible appendages — for a romantic Rory and Jess reunion.

Though it's been confirmed that Rory is single at the start of the revival, it doesn't feel farfetched to assume that Rory could end up with Jess — and that's not just my high hopes speaking. But, how could this happen? How could Rory and Jess get back together?

The Two Are Forced To Spend Time Together

There are so many possibilities and ways this old flame could rekindle itself, but for starters, Jess needs to show Rory that he's changed. Sure, the last time we saw Jess in the Season 6 episode, "The Real Paul Anka," he seemed different. But, I don't believe Rory was able to discern this. She was so in love with Logan at this point in time and I think that distorted her vision. Rory's always been an observer and a good judge of character, so she just needs to spend some quality time with Jess in order to see that he's not the same teenager with tumultuous tendencies he used to be — now, he's someone dependable she could actually be with long term. This, of course, can only occur if Jess has gotten rid of his old bad habits. And like I said, from the way he acted in that Season 6 episode, it's looking like he might have.

So, how would Rory spend quality time with Jess? Are the two just going to run into each other at the local bookstore and decide to hang out? (I mean, I wish, but let's be real here.) It will have to happen naturally. And by that I mean, natural disaster? Maybe a snow storm could lock the two in and they could spend the day/night/weekend catching up and realizing that they were in fact always meant to be.

Jess Needs An Editor For His New Book

After Rory initially says no, she'd change her mind and agree to take on the project. Then, picture this: Rory and Jess working late nights at the diner on the book. There's no one outside roaming the streets of Stars Hollow, the coffee pot is full, the tension is high. You get where I'm going, don't you?

Jess Writes A Book About Rory

She finds it at the local bookshop. She reads it, she cries, she has to see him! Mostly to yell at him for doing such a stupid thing (because Rory would act like she hated it for at least a few minutes, even though we would all know that she secretly loved it) and then she would realize that he, in fact, is her great love story. BOOM.

Jess Pulls Some Grand Gesture

It wasn't really like Jess to ever do anything huge and boisterous for Rory (unlike, ahem, Dean's building a freaking car for Rory!), but he did do little things here and there to make her smile. However, desperate times call for desperate, grandiose measures. To get Rory's attention, Jess might have to go all out. I'm thinking something with food. Or sprinklers. No, food and sprinklers. Sprinklers with food! OK, I'll stop.

They Get Matched On A Dating Site/App

Since Gilmore Girls ended over eight years ago, a lot has changed in the dating world, and I think we have to discuss it. Now stay with me here. We know Rory's single at the start of this episode, so she's probably dating right? Like, maybe, using dating services?! I know, I know. It sounds crazy for Rory Gilmore to be on an app or dating website, but come on — it's 2016, it's more likely than not that she is. Especially if it worked out that Rory somehow gets matched with Jess. I know you were picturing something much more romantic, but don't act like this is the worst idea you've ever heard. If it brings these two back in each other's arms, I'm totally supportive.

Jess Finally Wins Over Lorelai

Personally, I always saw Lorelai's refusal to accept Jess as a huge and major hindrance to Rory and Jess's love. So an alternate theory might have something to do with Jess getting back into Lorelai's good graces first. After Rory got the blessing from her mother (the sole person who's opinion she cherishes most) maybe she would finally see the light.

Until it happens, there's really only one thing left to say regarding the necessary reunion of a Rory/Jess love affair: I don't care how we get there, as long as we do. Who's with me?

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