11 Wordy Tote Bags To Make A Silent Statement

Wearing your heart on your sleeve couldn't be easier with slogan tees, but if it's cold out you'll want to stay wrapped up warm and your message may be missed. To combat this, you can invest in a wordy tote bag to make a statement while shopping.

Totes and shoppers with text based designs are a great way to get your personal message across, without actually speaking to anyone. There are so many designs out there, so your bag can basically say whatever you want it to say: your tote bag could raise awareness about a charity, bring people's attention to an environmental or animal cruelty issue, or showcase your sense of humor.

You could even use your shopping bag as a reminder to yourself. Uniforms for the Dedicated created "The Rag Bag," which makes it simple for customers of this Swedish store to donate their old clothes. The bag is white with the phrase, "Buy Something New: Turn Me Inside Out and Donate Something Old." When you reverse the bag, it becomes black and states, "Donate Something Old." So Uniforms for the Dedicated shoppers can utilize this bag to stay on top of their spending and donate their old threads. I'm guessing it will also act as an advertisement for the store and a reminder to others to donate their unwanted apparel. Make a stylish statement without saying a word, with a wordy tote bag.

1. The Comedic Grocery Bag

The Original Groceries & Shit Tote Bag Large, $20, Etsy

Dissuade thieves while showing off your rad sense of humor, with this comedic tote bag.

2. The Bookworm Tote

Baby Got Book Tote, $20, Modcloth

Being a bookworm is cool AF. Don't be ashamed of your inner bookworm, set it free with this awesome tote!

3. The Badass Tote

Reclaimed Vintage 'Bad Choices' Tote, $11, Asos

Channel the bad girl within you with this truthful tote.

4. The Relationship Status Tote

Single Taken Graphic Tote, $4, Forever 21

Single and proud? Check.

5. The Nope Tote

Nope Tote Bag, $20, Etsy

Some days we're just not in the mood for literally anything. So make others aware of your current state of mind with this funny "Nope" tote.

6. The Slice Of Pie Tote

Canvas Tote Bag With Pizza Print, $8, Asos

Highlight your love of pizza so you can find other folks who are a fan of this food of the gods. So that's about 99 percent of the population, right?

7. The No Photos Tote

Reclaimed Vintage 'No Photos' Tote, $11, Asos

When you're having a bad hair day or you just can't get your eyeliner to go right, subtly inform your friends that you do not want to be included in any social media snaps.

8. The Believer's Bag

She Believed Tote Bag, $18, Not On The High Street

This is for all of the girls bosses or any gal out their who sees herself as a motivated miss. Remind yourself of what you're capable of with this inspiring tote.

9. The Free Advice Tote

Zhuu Soul Tote, $25, Forever 21

Give passers by some positive vibes with this tote offering some sound advice. Because having a happy soul is what life's about.

10. The Vegan Vixen Tote

Vegan Tote Bag, $22, Etsy

Vegans gals searching for a compassionate companion are sure to love this cute, vintage style tote.

11. The Human Unicorn Tote

'You Are A Goddamn Magical Unicorn' Cotton Tote, $15, Not On The High Street

Perhaps the world is not aware that we are all ethereal beings with the power to accomplish magical things? Let everyone know and possibly make someone's day with this beautiful bag.

Wear your heart on your shopper with these quirky tote bags and let their words speak for you.

Images: Courtesy Brands