Channel Taylor Swift Et Al In "Bad Blood" Fashion

After much hype and excitement, Taylor Swift showed her new music video for "Bad Blood" to the world on May 17 and naturally I had a curious peek. I was blown away (almost literally by the special effects) and was instantly enamored by the stylish cinematography, the star studded cast, and of course the kick ass "Bad Blood" fashion. I was rendered speechless. What had happened to the doe eyed teen who sung about Romeo and Juliet while frolicking in medieval gowns? To be honest, I couldn't care less where that girl has gone because I am loving the new, bold Ms. Swift.

Over the years, Taylor Swift's music has metamorphosed from girly anthems where she was giving all the "power" to others; she was waiting for the guy to come and rescue her and envisioning herself as a princess while the dude of her dreams was a prince. Bleurgh. Needless to say, I did not enjoy Swift's early music. However, the 25-year-old singer is now all grown up and IMO, she has grown into a powerful voice for young women. She helps her fans in numerous ways, from assisting one fan in paying off their student loan to having a FaceTime call with a terminally ill girl to help her cross the final item off her bucket list. In my eyes, Swift is a real life heroine.

Instead of focusing on break ups with boys in a totally dreamy teen way, she has now diverted her attention to different relationships and the difficulties one can face, such as someone you thought to be your friend, stabbing you in the back. "Bad Blood" follows Swift's alter ego Catastrophe being totally betrayed by a fellow assassin and her journey to recovery and revenge.

I literally love everything about this video, from its mashup of influences including Charlie's Angels, Kill Bill, and The Fifth Element to a cast that includes some of my all time favorite women from the arts industries to the general girl empowerment vibe. "Bad Blood" encompasses the Spice Girls ' message of girl power but with less sugar and spice, and more deadly Totally Spies! style weapons.

The outfits in "Bad Blood" are phenomenal, too. IMO, they appear to be inspired by Uma Thurman's Kill Bill costumes, Emily Browning's Sucker Punch dance costume, and Leeloo's bandage style costume. The majority of garments look like bondage or fetish wear — which makes sense, as a number of them were apparently borrowed from a sex shop. I have my fingers firmly crossed for a "Bad Blood" feature length movie.

In the meantime, here is a selection of "Bad Blood" inspired fashion, so you don't have to wait to get your bad girl vibe on.

1. The Leather Look Crop Top

Perforated Faux Leather Crop Top, $13, Forever 21

Crop tops are the perfect wardrobe choice for summer. Pick a biker style, leather look crop top to rock some "Bad Blood" vibes.

2. The Bad Girl Leather Gloves

Get yourself a pair of black leather, fingerless gloves as seen on Catastrophe herself.

TopTie Rock Star Dress Up Gloves, $8, Amazon

Not only are these gloves an awesome match to Taylor's punchy pair, they also have biker style studs on too, which further adds to the bad gal vibe.

3. The "Band Aids Don't Fix Bullet Holes" T-Shirt

Taylor Swift Inspired Bad Blood Band Aid Unisex Adult T-Shirt, $23, Etsy

Have you got an ex or a frenemy in your life that needs to hear the truth? Send them a message loud and clear in this t-shirt inspired by the song's witty lyrics.

4. The Bondage Mistress Pencil Skirt

Pencil Skirt with Wrap in Leather Look, $64, ASOS

Bring the pleasure and the pain in this bondage style, leather look pencil skirt and pull a Lucy Liu in that Charlie's Angels scene.

5. The Spiked Bra

I don't know how she does it but Swift makes a fetish style spiked bra look so cool and ridiculously fashionable.

Cone Stud Bra, $24, Osiris Clothing

Copy Ms. Swift in this spiky, cone studded bra.

6. The PVC Leggings

New Slick Black Leggings, $88, Black Milk Clothing

Look stylish and slick like the femme fatales of "Bad Blood" in these PVC leggings.

7. The Plus Size PU Bodysuit

Plus Olivia PU Cross Front Bodysuit, $30, Boohoo

Channel Catwoman in this sassy bodysuit. Throw on some studded heels and black hosiery to rock the biker chick look.

8. The Fetish Heel

PS-Vogue-80 Buckle-Up Leg Strap Heel, $57, Fantasia Wear

Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a bondage bad ass? You're gonna' need these heels in you life!

9. The Fifth Element Inspired Swimsuit

Is this Taylor Swift in "Bad Blood" or Leeloo from The Fifth Element? Oh wait, she's blonde, it's TayTay.

Here's Leeloo with her shock of bright, orange hair. Kudos for the insane pop culture reference there, T. Swift!

White Bandage Swimsuit, $135, Etsy

Channel Ms. Swift (and Leeloo) in this striking bandage style swimsuit.

10. The Spiked Flats

Spike- Red Veda Soul Shoes, $60, Heels

If you're going to enlist yourself as a special agent, you'll need some stylish yet sensible shoes to easily pull some martial arts moves. These blood red, spiked flats are a great choice for any aspiring assassin. Plus they've got quite a Daenerys vibe about them too, which is always a good thing.

11. The Biker Gilet

Leather Bike Gilet, $190, Topshop

Biker jackets are a wardrobe staple, but how do you wear them when it's sweltering outside? You pick a biker gilet of course!

Images: TaylorSwiftVEVO, kareembolo/YouTube; Giphy (7); Courtesy Brands