7 Things 'Once Upon A Time' Season 5B Is Sure To Include, From The Underworld To A Possible Rumbelle Baby

I know I've been talking a lot of trash about Once Upon A Time lately and claiming that I'm not all that bothered about the show coming back, but I'll admit it: I'm looking forward to the Season 5B premiere, which just so happens to be the 100th episode, as well. I've missed Storybrooke. I've missed Regina and Henry and Snow and Charming. Hell, I've even missed Rumple and Zelena. (I've missed Emma, too, but I feel like I've been missing her since the beginning of Season 5, so that's nothing new.) These crazy characters are part of us now, for better or worse, and I want to see what they're getting up to. And while I'm vaguely worried about what we're getting into based on what we know so far, I'm remaining cautiously optimistic that things can still turn around.

So what exactly are we in for? Quite a lot, it seems. The second half of the season will consist of nine episodes, meaning there's plenty of time for some crazy stuff to go down. And while Once showrunners have remained notoriously mum on the ins and outs of any upcoming storylines, there are a few things we know for sure. Let's round 'em up so we're all on the same page, shall we?

We're Going To The Underworld To Save Hook / Meet Hades, Hercules & Megara

We already knew we were going to the Underworld, but we're not just on a rescue mission — we're also going to meet Hades, plus Hercules and Megara. After all, ABC is owned by Disney and we've gotta shove as many characters in as possible, even if it's pointless!

We'll Reunite With Some Familiar Faces Down There

Just because some of the show's beloved villains are dead doesn't mean they can't come back, at least for the span of an episode! We're going to be united with Peter Pan, Cora Mills, and maybe even Neal/Baelfire when we're down there! I do love a good reunion, so I'm looking forward to this.

We're Visiting Oz & Catching Up With "Warrior" Dorothy

We already know that Regina banished Zelena back to Oz, but we'll actually be traveling to Oz at some point to see what the Wicked Witch is getting up to. Better yet, we'll also get to see a grown up Dorothy, who's apparently in "warrior" mode. Should be interesting, in any case.

We'll Get Some More Insight Into Regina & Zelena's Backgrounds

Not only will Zelena still be a big part of the second half of the season, but we'll also get a peek into her childhood, as well as Regina's, via flashbacks. We've seen younger versions of both women before, but now actual children are playing them, so we're going even further back in their histories, which could help them come to an understanding in the present.

There's A Same-Sex Relationship

I'm not so much excited about this as I am dreading it, but whatever. Fans have speculated that the relationship will be between Ruby and Mulan, both of whom will be returning to our screens in the second half of the season, but given that there's been literally zero buildup to this and there's an actual perfect same sex couple staring us in the face every single week that they're blatantly ignoring, I don't have much faith in this.

We'll Meet Captain Silver, An Enemy Of Hook's

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There's really nothing much to know about this, other than that Hook and Captain Silver didn't really see eye to eye (surprise, surprise), and that Costas Mandylor will be Captain Silver. Also, Captain Silver may be Captain Long John Silver, and now I want fish and chips.

Belle May Or May Not Be Carrying The Dark One's Child

Emilie De Ravin is pregnant, but showrunners are declining to reveal whether or not they plan to write her pregnancy into the show. We know that she got down and dirty with Rumple again recently enough for this to be a possibility (and maybe that's why the scene was written in), but once she finds out that he's betrayed her yet again and chosen his power over love, I'm expecting some major drama (which I'm actually really looking forward to).

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