Laurence Fishburne Brings Back 'The Matrix' for Kia's Super Bowl Ad

With '90s nostalgia running rampant these days, we shouldn't be surprised to see a familiar face make an appearance in a 2014 advertisement. But Laurence Fishburne returned on Super Bowl Sunday as Morpheus, that sage from the Matrix movies who is now using his worldly wisdom to... sell cars? The leader of Zion must be going through some tough economic times.

The ad opens with a well-dressed couple approaching a valet booth. When they present their card – psych! – the valet is actually Morpheus, who, in turn, presents them with two key options in classic red-pill-or-blue-pill fashion: "You take the blue key, you go back to the luxury you know. You take the red key, and you'll never look at luxury the same again." Guess which key they take.

The shiny new Kia luxury car proceeds, of course, to blow the couple's minds. But that's where things start to get weird. Like, Laurence-Fishburne-singing-opera-and-blowing-up-reality weird. Have we all been trapped in a matrix of the Kia car company's making?

In a year promising Dumb and Dumber To, and a Super Bowl ad lineup featuring a mini-reunion for the Full House guys, it shouldn't be that surprising that a character from the '90s is the new spokesperson for a brand-new car model. We just wish his return made a little more sense. Watch the ad here:


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