NeNe Leakes & Her Facial Expressions Explain Life

If you're a fan of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, then you know that NeNe Leakes has the best facial expressions out of every single Bravolebrity. Whether she's giving someone a good read on RHOA, playing therapist to her fellow Atlanta castmates, or hanging with Andy Cohen in the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse, Leakes never fails in being entertaining. She doesn't even need to speak, because her face says it all. After many episodes of RHOA, I've come to the conclusion that NeNe Leakes' facial expressions sum up how most of us feel about everyday situations.

You might not think she's relatable or that you have anything in common with the 48-year-old TV and Broadway star. Yeah, I thought that, too. That is, until I started watching RHOA and went down the rabbit hole of "NeNe Leakes facial expressions". Surprisingly, she (and her face) gets me. When it comes to her expressions, everyone can relate to Leakes.

There are just some people whose faces say it all. Just like with her words, the Bravo star definitely doesn't hold back when it comes to using her face to express herself. With that, let's talk about her famous facial expressions and how you've probably made the same face at least once in your life, especially during everyday life.

1. When Sunday Arrives Way Too Quickly

Ugh. That means Monday is right around the corner.

2. When You Have To Get Out Of Bed

Please let this be a bad dream.

3. When The Coffee Line Is Way Too Long

You've got to be kidding me.

4. When Someone Insists On Calling You

You mean I have to speak to someone on the phone? Haven't they heard of texting?

5. When Your Internet Goes Out

What is this madness? How am I supposed to know if Tom Hiddleston tweeted or not?

6. When Someone Wants To Actually Hang Out

Don't they know I'm busy wanting to be all by myself?

7. When You've Gone Overboard With The TV Streaming

It happens.

8. When It's Time To Cook Dinner

You got this.

9. When Someone Hits On You

Yeah. No.

10. When You Have To Pay Rent & Every Other Bill

Great. That means less money for beer and pizza.

11. When You're Just Over Everyone & Everything

Don't act like this isn't an everyday occurrence.

12. When You've Hit Your Mid-day Slump

Need. More. Coffee. Or, you know, a nap.

13. When You Only Have One Hour Of Work Left

It's almost time for your couch and favorite pair of sweats.

14. When It's Time To Finally Leave Work

*literally runs out the door*

15. When Someone Tries To Cut You In Line

I don't care if I'm at the grocery store or waiting for my food, don't even think about it.

16. When You Give Up On Adulting

Looks about right.

17. When It's The Freakin' Weekend

You. Made. It.

Thank you, Linnethia "NeNe" Leakes for being your all-around amazing self.

Images: realitytvgifs/Tumblr (17)