Rihanna & Drake's Chemistry Is Insane

I was just enjoying a normal Monday afternoon when Twitter alerted me to an important cultural event: Rihanna releasing the video for "Work," in which she and Drake once again prove that they are the hottest couple in the game. Now I know the status of their actual romantic relationship has never really been cut and dry, but we have learned over the past few years that Rihanna and Drake have incredible chemistry — and the "Work" video is no exception.

I have been thoroughly enjoying this ANTI era of Rihanna and basking in all the recent music and appearances in the four years since her last album. I don't blame her one bit for enjoying life and partying in the Caribbean, but I am very happy she is back. Rih Rih knew her fans were waiting for a while for new music, and now she's blessed us with not one, but two videos for "Work," the second one of which is prime Rihanna/Drake. The video is sexy and mysterious and Drake really looks like he knows he's the luckiest man in the world (which he is.)

In spirit of this steamy video, here are some hot moments that have shown off Rihanna and Drake's chemistry, both on and off camera.

1. When They Got Real Close

They look verrry comfortable together.

2. When She Made Him Laugh

Drake's smile is so adorable.

3. When She Knew She Had Him

That face literally says, "Whoops, got you."

4. When They Neck Nuzzled

This is as sweet as it can get.

5. When This Happened In The "Take Care" Video

So emotional.

6. OK, Really Just The Whole Video

It's like we're looking into their real life relationship.

7. When They Took A Perfect Couples Photo

You know, just hanging out with bae.

8. When This Moment Happened

Can you feel the intensity? I can.

9. When Rihanna Looked At Drake Like This

...and Drake couldn't help but smile.

10. When They Joked On Stage

They can't help but dance with each other.

11. When They Had A Moment

They were at a huge event, but in this pic it looks like they only have eyes for each other.

I don't know what is going on with these two, but for fans' sake, they need to please make it work and date IRL.

Images: Complex (2); Giphy (4)