Coffee Mugs That Explain Exactly How You Feel

No matter what kind of day you're having, if you're a caffeine addict, coffee is always there for you. Coffee is the intuitive friend, who knows exactly how you're feeling and lifts your spirits to help you get through your day; thus your liquid friend needs a cool coffee cup to stay safe and warm inside. If the aforementioned coffee cup can also make an educated nod at your current state of mind, then that's an awesome bonus.

When you really think about it, aside from your family, you can probably count on one hand the people who truly know you, so you can give all the rest of the people you work, live, or socialise with a heads up with your coffee cup. Unfortunately humans can't read minds — or can they? — so if you're having one of those days, you can easily and clearly let others around you know your emotional state, just by using a specific coffee cup. Likewise, if you're being super productive and don't want to be disturbed or you're feeling like a unicorn, your coffee cup can do all the hard work for you and showcase your thoughts. Here's an array of coffee cups that know exactly how you're feeling.

1. The Mug For When You Just Can't

I Can't Even Mug, $8,

When you're having one of those days when you literally just can't even, you're going to need this coffee cup in your life.

2. The Uncaring Mug

Literally Don't Care Mug, $10,

Never mind, "One of those days," you're having one of those weeks. Use this mug to let others know that you couldn't give a tiny rat's ass about anything.

3. The Violent Unicorn Mug

Unicorn Coffee Mug, $16,

If you're seriously stressed out or someone in particular is driving you mad, use this mug so that your colleagues or housemates know to proceed with caution.

4. The Caffeine Addict's Mug

Personalised Coffee Mug, $22.98,

Perhaps you're someone who just cannot function without your morning coffee? Let other folks know when you're in fully functioning order with this comedic coffee cup.

5. The Truthful Mug

Coffee Mug Adulting Is Hard, $13+,

This honest coffee mug tells it like it is: Adulting really is hard! So drink from this cup when you're trying your best.

6. The Girl Boss Mug

Building My Empire Coffee Mug, $19.99+,

Use this mug when you're in the zone and to let others know that you mean business.

7. The Motivational Mug

Crowned Leaf Mug, $12,

Inspire yourself and others around you with this motivational mug.

8. The Adventurous Mug

Sass & Belle Golden Arrow Adventure Mug, $11.50,

When you're coming down with feelings of wanderlust or you're just feeling really grateful for the day ahead, sip your beverage from this inspiring mug.

9. The Magical Mug

Be Bright And Sparkle Mug With Stars Gold, $21.26,

For days when you want to shine bright, or inspire your staff to do the same, use this enchanting mug.

10. The Positive Mug

Ohh Deer Positive Vibes Mug, $17.50,

Warn Negative Nellies to steer clear of you and your positive aura – you don't want any of their negativity bringing your fantastic mood down!

11. The Lovely Mug

Love Everything Mug, $8,

Maybe you're newly in love or you're just having a swell day, whatever the cause, let everyone know with this cute cup.

You don't need your own PA when you've got a collection of coffee cups that can relay a message just as well as a person! Save your money and buy coffee cups instead.

Images: Courtesy Brands