Ben Has A Big Decision to Make After The Show

Because Bachelor viewers only ever see Ben Higgins on the show, surrounded by women vying for his hand in marriage, it's easy to forget that he is, in fact, a human being — one who is gainfully employed, getting paid to do things other than take women on dates and look criminally great without a shirt on. As such, one can only wonder if, after his time on The Bachelor, Ben will go back to work, leaving reality TV far, far behind.

According to an interview with ABC News, Ben is eager to return to work after his stint on The Bachelor. "Ben told reporters... he was looking forward to getting back to work and regular life in Denver," the article says. According to Ben's LinkedIn page, he is employed by a financial services software company called Talisys, where he works as an account manager, overseeing the relationship between the company and its clients. Since fans have seen how good Ben is at romantic relationships, it's hard to doubt his ability to be excellent at professional ones, too, and it's no wonder he's reportedly interested in going back to work after the show. But have Ben's fellow Bachelor stars felt the same way as him about taking back their jobs? Let's take a look.

Chris Soules

Much ado was made about Chris Soules' occupation as a farmer in Iowa, but he made it clear that it was a part of his identity that he very much valued. Despite his time in the limelight and the breakup he had with winner Whitney Bischoff, Soules doesn't appear to have forsaken his career at all.

Juan Pablo Galavis

Though Juan Pablo was once a professional soccer player, it seems he has changed from being an active participant in the sports world to taking on a role more on the sidelines. According to WetPaint, Juan Pablo returned to his day job as a sports and entertainment consultant who works primarily during baseball season.

Sean Lowe

Sean Lowe confused everyone with what he did for a living. He was an entrepreneur, he worked for a real estate agency for awhile, and, apparently, he is now an author, having published a memoir called For The Right Reasons. Guess he likes changing it up?

Ben Flajnik

Ben worked for a winery called Evolve when he was starring on the Bachelor, and since then, has moved on to found a different winery called Fernet. Gotta love a man who appreciates his vino.

Brad Womack

For a guy who did two stints on reality television, Brad has a pretty elusive Web presence, but according to WetPaint, he now works off-camera as the owner of a couple of bars with his brothers.

Jake Pavelka

Jake was renowned for his career as a pilot (his season was subtitled On The Wings Of Love) but evidently, he had a change of career in 2014. According to WetPaint and a page on LinkedIn, Jake is now a partner at a real estate firm in Dallas called E Smith Realty Partners.

Jason Mesnick

Jason's LinkedIn page reveals that he, too, is involved in real estate, but he's also a doting dad.

Matt Grant

The British "global financier" whose season of The Bachelor was my personal favorite has seriously gone off the grid. The last thing known about his whereabouts is that he did some interviewing on theTwilight red carpet, according to WetPaint. Now that's a throwback.

Andrew Baldwin

This guy has a freakishly impressive resume: he's a doctor, a triathlete, and a humanitarian. Andrew has certainly stayed busy since his time on The Bachelor.

Lorenzo Borghese

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In addition to being a prince, Lorenzo Borghese is a successful businessman. A feature in Gotham magazine from 2015 highlights his entrepreneurial spirit in bringing his family cosmetics line to New York City when he was 25 years old, and also mentions his charity, which is focused on rescuing dogs from high-kill shelters.

Travis Lane Stork

Like many of his fellow Bachelor stars and contestants, Travis Stork clearly found a calling in the reality TV lifestyle; he's now giving out medical advice instead of roses as one of the stars on The Doctors.

Charlie O'Connell

Though Charlie was a professional actor when he was starring on The Bachelor, his last credit on IMDB was in 2015 for a project curiously titled A Curry on an American Plate. His Twitter also indicates that he is a "TV personality," so I'll be watching closely for his next big thing.

Byron Velvick

According to his Twitter, Byron still looks to be a major force in the professional bass fishing world, and also stars on a show on the Outdoor Channel called Guide's Eyes, aimed at his fellow fish fanatics.

Jesse Palmer

After quarterbacking for NFL teams such as the New York Giants, Palmer took on a more low key role as a commentator for ESPN, before finally settling in to a role on Good Morning America to the delight of morning TV watchers everywhere. Swoon.

Bob Guiney

Bob's LinkedIn reveals that while he hasn't completely absconded from fame with his stints on Guys Tell All and Who Wants to Be A Millionaire, he also has the "normal" job of working for a finance company headquartered in Philadelphia.

Andrew Firestone

Even though Andrew is the heir to the Firestone tire fortune, he has also made a name for himself by founding a private equity firm called StonePark Capital, which specializes in acquiring and developing the hospitality sector, according to LinkedIn.

Aaron Buerge

Scott Gries/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Aaron Buerge was reportedly accused of fraud in 2014, according to RadarOnline, but according to LinkedIn, he still works for First National Bank.

Alex Michel

The very first Bachelor is notoriously evasive, with Chris Harrison even calling for a national search to track him down. All that's known is that he is a manager and a consultant, so #FindAlexMichel2016 needs to keep trending.

Who knows what path Ben will follow when he leaves the show, but it's clear he has plenty of options.

Image: ABC