The 'X-Files' Revival Will Hopefully Join Netflix

The new X-Files season came and went too soon, that's for sure. No matter how Monday's finale made you feel, there were definitely some good moments this year, and a lot of clues that require pouring over. Will X-Files Season 10 be on Netflix? The original nine seasons of the Fox series are there, so it stands to reason that this one will be joining them at some point.

So far, there's no word from Netflix as to when or if it will be released. It's definitely not scheduled to be on Netflix as early as March, While the original series is there, neither of the X-Files movies are on Netflix. So it's hard to say whether or not the six-episode revival will end up on the streaming service or not. The show has been on Fox since the beginning, I don't think there are too many contractual or network obstacles. Were I to warrant a guess, I would say that the new season will be on Netflix by summer — especially if an additional season is announced for fall or even midseason.

I will say that as of right now, all of the 2016 episodes are streaming on Hulu+, so if you want to revisit the latest conspiracy, that's your best bet. There are also the X-Files Origins YA novels coming in 2017 that explore what Mulder and Scully's lives were like when they were teenagers... separately, because this is before they knew each other. Mulder's book is called Devil's Advocate and Scully's is titled Agent of Chaos, which is so appropriate.

Despite David Duchovny's Instagram posting stating "the truth is on hiatus," we don't know for certain whether or not the show is returning to Fox for another season. The post was promising, but remains unconfirmed. Watching and re-watching on Netflix is one of our only comforts. Hopefully, Season 10 will be streaming soon enough!