Kourtney & Scott Are Really "Flirty"

A new day, a new rumor suggesting Keeping Up With the Kardashians stars Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick are getting back together. According to a source who spoke with People, the now separated couple were spotted at 1 OAK nightclub in Las Vegas Tuesday evening, where they were being super flirty with one another. FYI, even Kanye West was there, but surprisingly he didn't live-tweet or go on a rant about his sister-in-law and her former flame supposedly flirting. Anyways, an insider revealed that Kardashian and Disick "were extremely friendly," were "surprisingly coupled up," and were "flirtatious all night."

If this observer is saying the two were super affectionate, then it must be true, right? I'm sure shippers are happy to hear this news — the more Kardashian and Disick are linked, the better. Just the other day Disick attended Robert Kardashian's memorial dinner, which honor the late Kardashian patriarch who would've turned 72 on Monday. And now that he and Kardashian are also seemingly hanging out in Vegas and being all cozy, well, that is great news for all of their biggest shippers.

Of course, ever since the two went their separate ways, they've been faced with many reunion rumors. They could go to the grocery store and the next thing you know, they're getting married. Whatever the case, on more than one occasion, their actions have seemingly been misinterpreted as Kardashian and Disick being flirty.

For example, in early February, they were spotted shopping together. Not only did they look very happy together, but they also had their arms around one another. At the time, Us Weekly reported that Kardashian and Disick were shopping for a wedding registry together at Williams-Sonoma. However, a source disputed that report and revealed they were just picking up things for Disick's new apartment. Based on the photos and information, this could easily be misinterpreted as the two rekindling their love. Though, it just seems like they are remaining civil, so much so that Kardashian is giving Disick tips on interior design, which she is no stranger to.

Regarding their so-called flirting, they've also taken to calling each other pet names (if that's what you want to call them) on Instagram. Not only did Kardashian share a flashback Friday picture with the caption, "baby daddy," but at the time of her 2015 Vanity Fair "Metallic Life" shoot, Disick commented on her nude photo, writing, "Now that's 1 hot mama."

You could take this as Disick flirting with Kardashian, or if you look at it in a completely different light, it's kind of heartbreaking. At that time of the post, it might've been his way of expressing just how much he missed her. Whatever the case, it's clear that he still supports Kardashian in anything she does. Back to Kardashian's "baby daddy" post, it doesn't seem like she's flirting with her former man, but just having some fun by posting an old photo of them.

Flirting or not? Who knows. But while there's no doubt Kardashian and Disick still remain close, jumping to conclusions about them getting back together is probably not worth it.

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