And The Hottest Profession On Tinder Is...

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What makes you swipe right on Tinder? Are there certain things that make you more likely to get a Tinder match? There's a lot of advice out there about how to set up your profile, or what pictures to use, to increase your chances of meeting someone on Tinder. But there may be something much more basic at play— a lot of it may depend on what you do for a living. I didn't see professions or education info on potential matches when I was using Tinder, but due to popular request, the dating app introduced job and education details that can be included in your profile in November of last year. And it turns out, there are certain professions that are getting way more Tinder love than others — or at least many more right swipes.

Tinder broke the information down for both men and women to see what the most popular professions were on Tinder. And for men, they were most likely to get a right swipe if they are a...


Pilots are the most likely to get swiped right. What other professions were getting a lot of swipe action? Here were the rest of the top 10 professions for males, from firefighters to models:

1. Pilot

I get, it, because it just sort of sounds like a sexy job, right? Or at least it exciting. Or maybe a lot of people there are just dying for an inside look at the mile high club. In any case, pilots are doing pretty well for themselves.

2. Founder/Entrepreneur

Starting your own business? Taking initiative? Turns out, people really like that.

3. Firefighter

This is pretty much everyone's fantasy ever. THEY DIVE INTO EFFING FIRES FOR A LIVING.

4. Doctor

For everyone who's acting out a Grey's Anatomy fantasy in their head or maybe every girl trying to make her mother happy and to lay off already— I'm going out with a doctor, OK!? FINE. Are you happy now, MOM?!

5. TV/Radio Personality

This doesn't sound real.

6. Teacher

It's basically the best job a person can do, so no surprise they're getting a lot of right-swipe loving for these good, kind souls.

7. Engineer

*Pretends to know what they actually do for a living"... hope, I've got nothing.

8. Model

... this probably doesn't need an explanation.

9. Paramedic

Another one in the same line as a fire fighter. We just love the idea of people who work in a high-stakes saving-lives environment.

10. College Student

College students round off the top 10 — but let's be real, it's probably because there are just so many of them on there, right? It's a numbers game. And college students are winning in that realm.

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