8 Times Pizza Is Absolutely The Right Choice

Have you ever met someone who doesn't like pizza? Nah, me neither. But I imagine my reaction would be a combination of shock and confusion, mixed with a touch of sadness. Honestly, I might even get a little offended. Pizza is universally adored and that's a fact.

After all, pizza is literally everything you want from a food: cheesy, filling, hot (although cold leftover pizza can be pretty dope, too) and delicious. Pizza is also versatile. You can pretty much top it or serve it with anything, so never let someone tell you pizza can't be a balanced meal — because they're wrong. Pizza is always the correct answer to "I'm pretty hungry. What do I want to I eat?" Pizza will always be there when you need it. Pizza is the great unifier of our time.

(Excuse me if this is getting a little intense. I tend to get a bit carried away when discussing my favorite food group, but I'll reel it in for now.)

So in partnership with DIGIORNO Pizza, we gleefully brainstormed all the best scenarios to treat yourself to a slice or two. Spoiler: the answer is there is no wrong time! But still, some situations just scream "it's time for a pizza party" more than others, so check out the list below to make sure you've always got pizza on hand when you'll need it most.


A studying marathon calls for snacks, right? While you fill your brain with knowledge, don’t forget to fill your stomach, too. Did you know that dark, leafy greens are among the foods that can boost memory retention? It’s just science, aka, the perfect excuse to combine your pizza with a serving of antioxidant-rich veggies (see: Spinach & Mushroom Pizzeria). Time to ace those finals!

Watching A Scary Movie

Horror movies tend to be traumatic for some people (some people = me). Enter the great healer, pizza. What’s more comforting than a warm, fresh pizza? Literally nothing. Pizza is the heated blanket of foods. So next time you and your boo are planning to stay in and watch The Omen , ditch the inferior snacks (looking at you, popcorn), and opt for something that's more likely to chase away your nightmares.

Entertaining Friends

The best way to let people know that you’re a true, bona fide adult is to send out a group email (remember, Facebook events are for teens) and invite them over for dinner. This is a super-classy move. When your guests start rolling in with their bottles of wine or homemade party dip, that’s your cue to give your guests what they truly deserve: Cheese, and lots of it. Nothing pleases the masses like a DIGIORNO Cheese Stuffed Crust. Yummmmm.

Bribing Someone To Drive You To The Airport

If you’re going to be that person, at least make it worth your friend’s while. I'm not one to usually encourage bribery or manipulation, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Here's the plan: Give them some vague promise of owing them lunch in return for the favor. Then tell them to pick you up 20 minutes earlier than when you actually need to leave to make your flight. When they arrive, surprise them with fresh-baked pizza. Boom. I guarantee that they'll forget how annoyed they are for having to take you to the airport!

Watching The Game

If you're like me, half of the enjoyment of watching sports comes from the snack spread. So be the hero at your college friend's March Madness party and grab a fully decked-out pizza (see: DIGIORNO Rising Crust Supreme) on the way out the door. Yes, you'll need to use your friend's oven, but the kitchen is the best place to mingle at social gatherings — especially if you're like me and couldn't care less about the game.

Your Parents Pay You An Impromptu Visit

Your parents called, and they just want you to know they’re swinging by your apartment tonight “just to say a quick hello” on their way to wherever. Step 1: Put away the laundry that’s been out on the drying rack for three days. Step 2: Clean your bathroom. Step 3: Make a pizza. No, seriously. Nothing says “I have it together” quite like a nice-smelling apartment, and it doesn’t get much nicer-smelling than the aroma of freshly-baked ‘za. Now, don't you look grown-up?

After The Gym

Congrats. After a long day of work, you still managed to get yourself to the gym. You crushed those reps, logged in some miles on the treadmill. You even managed to stretch. Now you’re home and you're ravenous. You could make something, but that takes time and effort and you really need a shower. You could order some sushi, but last time, the delivery person got lost and it took 90 minutes to get your food and you don't have that kind of time to mess around. You know where this is going. PIZZA IN THE OVEN, STAT.

Work Meeting

You know how some meetings never seem to end? Just when you think it's over, that one person (you know that person) raises their hand and says "YES, YES, I HAVE MANY QUESTIONS AND POINTS TO MAKE" and and a 30-minute discussion ensues. And then you start to wonder if you're ever going to see the outside of that conference room. Pizza makes meetings not only bearable, but even a little enjoyable. Feed your colleagues some DIGIORNO Primo Pepperoni pizza and watch productivity and general morale soar sky-high.

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