Will April & Jackson Get Back Together If She's Pregnant? The 'Grey's Anatomy' Couple Has Always Wanted A Baby

You guys, I just can’t handle the saga of April and Jackson anymore. Shonda Rhimes keep toying with my emotions, and I’m really on the edge here. Grey’s Anatomy just showed us the full recap — from meeting to signing the divorce papers — of Jackson and April’s relationship, only to reveal that boom — April is pregnant with Jackson’s baby! Again. Will April and Jackson stay together now that she’s pregnant? Or will they go their separate ways and try, try, try to co-parent?

Now, you could be thinking, “How does a divorcing couple get pregnant?” Well, they have sex, silly! Just kidding. But really, they did have sex. You see, April and Jackson did a lot of back-and-forth while they were deciding to get divorced, and one of those times, they hooked up. It seems like a good idea when it happened, but you know what they say about good intentions. April and Jackson have always wanted a baby — their son, Samuel, died shortly after birth due to a rare defect, and it absolutely crushed them — but I’m not sure that another child will be what it takes to save their relationship. Seeing April and Jackson’s whole history played out in one episode really highlighted just how incompatible these two really are.

Sure, it all looks good on the surface, but Jackson and April disagree on everything from religion to family. The sex is actually the only part of their coupledom that actually always worked. If April and Jackson’s baby is born healthy and happy, these two would be better off co-parenting the little tyke instead of forcing themselves to get back together for the sake of a child. It would just be a matter of time before they would split up again. Everyone involved — their baby included — would be much happier if they live happily ever after apart.

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