Why Would Wes Kill His Mom? 'How To Get Away With Murder' Showed A New Side Of Him

You guys, I was totally right! I always had a funny feeling about Wes, and the How To Get Away With Murder gods have shone down upon me and proved me correct yet again. Why? Because Wes killed his mother — she didn’t commit suicide. I always painted his shifty eyes and constant, relentless brooding as annoying, but lately he’s been bordering on sociopathic. It definitely makes sense that Wes could be a murderer, but why would Wes kill his mother, especially at such a young age? It all started, sort of, with Annalise.

Annalise was one of the lawyers in the trial of a hedge funder’s son who maybe sorta could have murdered someone. Rose, Wes’ mom, was the cleaning lady, and she gave poor little Richie Rich an alibi… until someone figured out that it was all a lie. Rose allegedly killed herself soon after, but Laurel and Wes unearthed documents that revealed that Wes had actually cut his mother’s throat. Heavy. Personally, I think that little Christophe had had enough of his mother’s crazy behavior (she was really just terrified of the trial and everything that was going on) and was mad that she wouldn’t let him watch television, and he snapped and killed her. Simple as that.

People can certainly changed, especially through counseling and a watchful eye, but Christophe was never given that. He was thrown pretty quickly into foster care — I wonder if his foster parents, who changed his name, even knew about his past. From the Lila situation to smacking Sam over the head, Wes has been sketchy and very shifty since day one of How To Get Away With Murder. He is convinced everything is a murder, because when you’re a hammer, everything is a nail? Wes killed his mom, and he has his mind on the money and murder on his mind. Between this and Philip watching their every move, if I were one of the Keating 5, I would probably bail to the West Coast sooner than later.

Images: Mitch Haaseth/ABC; Giphy