Is Taylor Kinney At The 2016 Oscars? Lady Gaga's Beau Has Joined Her On Many Red Carpets

Oscars night is going to be an important one for Lady Gaga, who is up for her first-ever Academy Award for "Til It Happens To You," the Best Original Song contender that offers a harrowing look at sexual assault. After Gaga's truly unbelievable, standing ovation-worthy tribute to the Sound of Music at the 2015 Oscars, her performance of "Til It Happens To You" (from The Hunting Ground) will have a decidedly more serious tone, though undoubtedly packed with the same raw emotion and power that Lady Gaga infuses in all of her live shows. With this being such a significant night for Gaga — in addition to the important message of awareness that Gaga is spreading, if she takes home the Oscar she will be one step closer to an EGOT — it only makes sense that Gaga's fiancé, Taylor Kinney will be at the Oscars, proud and supportive.

Unless he has any prior commitments, it makes perfect sense that the Chicago Fire actor is going to be on hand for his fiancée's big night. Kinney has already accompanied Gaga to the 2016 Golden Globes, where she took home a golden statuette for Best Actress in a Limited TV Series for her role in American Horror Story.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And Kinney couldn't stop gushing about Gaga's Golden Globe win. Can you imagine if she wins the Oscar? "Are you kidding?" he said to Us Weekly after Gaga took home the Globe. "I'm so proud! Proud of my girl."

It's worth noting that Kinney unfortunately couldn't make it to the 2015 Oscars — "he has work in the morning," Gaga told GMA — but he was still every bit of a source of support for Gaga at the time. "He is wonderful," the singer said of her fiancé at the 2015 Oscars. "I've just been rehearsing for this and for this moment and he's been wonderfully supportive."

Still, it's important to point out that Kinney was also a no-show at the 2014 Oscars, so I'm kind of wondering if there is some anti-Academy Awards pattern here or if it's all coincidence. After all, the actor has been a fixture at numerous red carpet events with his fiancé — and has expressed his overwhelming pride for Gaga countless times — so I can only assume that this is the year that he breaks his non-attendance streak. What better year to go when the woman you're going to marry is up for an Academy Award, right? Hope to see you on the red carpet, Taylor Kinney.