These Are The Most Right-Swiped Women On Tinder

Despite the psychology that you are not your job, Tinder users don’t necessarily agree. According to a new survey from the app, your profession on Tinder could, for many, make or break whether or not you get the coveted right swipe. And if you’re a female real estate agent, its not looking very good for you. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll kill it on Hinge or Bumble.

As of November 2015, dating app Tinder began to include details about the jobs and education of each user, claiming that it was one of the “most user-requested features” on the app. What they found is that, at least when it comes to strangers, you are your job, and certain careers are deemed far more desirable than others on the app. Tinder has found that since adding this detail to profiles those users who choose to indulge in this feature are also more likely to get a match. And with Tinder boasting 26 million matches a day and 10 billion matches made since its launch, it looks like more matches, thanks to this new feature, are on the horizon.

Tinder compiled the data of the most right-swiped professions over the last three months. While male pilots ranked number one in right-swipes, founder/entrepreneur, and firefighter rounded out the top three. For the women’s professions, on the other hand, things looked a bit different.

Here are the 10 most right-swiped jobs for women, according to Tinder.

10. Models

Coming in at number 10 on the top 10 list of the most right-swiped professions for women is… model. Of course. Like Leo DiCaprio, everyone wants to date a model, because everyone wants to be able to say they date a model. I totally understand this. It’s like how I want to be able to say I’m dating Stephen Colbert ― it’s impressive stuff.

9. Social Media Managers

Women who kill it on social media are also killing it on Tinder.

8. Pharmacists

At number eight of the most-swiped careers for women we have pharmacists. Is it wrong of me that I think this might be in the top 10 because those swiping right are hoping to get access to pills that will cost you an arm and a leg on the street? Probably. But I’m sticking to it anyway for fun.

7. Speech Language

Someone who works in speech language helps people communicate better through spoken language, which, to be honest, is a really fascinating job, as I imagine linguistics plays a role in some way and I love linguistics. However, I’m not sure what makes this one so appealing that it gets to sit pretty at number seven on the top 10 list. Either way, writer isn’t even on this list, so obviously I need to make some career changes stat and this one might be good for me.

6. College Students

Although I didn’t realize that being a college student was considered a career, I can understand why this might be in the top 10: Age. According to a 2014 study by OkCupid, most men want to date 20-year-old women, so… yeah, we don’t need more much more analysis on that one.

5. Teachers

At number five for women’s professions are teachers. Again, this one makes sense. Teachers are usually patient, I mean, they have to be, and if they teach little kids, it’s proof that they probably love kids, which is a great sign for someone looking to settle down eventually and have a bunch of rugrats.

4. PR/Communications

As someone who gets dozens and dozens of emails a day from women who work in public relations, I can attest to the fact that they are a determined and persistent bunch. So, yes, if you’re looking to date a determined woman, then swiping right on someone who works in PR/communications is a smart move.

3. Founders/Entrepreneurs

First of all, I want to say that I love that this one comes in at number three. It shows that whoever is doing the right-swiping on these female entrepreneurs and founders aren’t afraid of dating a total badass, who has ambition, direction, and knows exactly what she wants… all of which are insanely sexy traits in human being.

2. Interior Designers

In second place of the top 10 most right-swiped careers for women are interior designers. This is great, because what person couldn’t use a little help in organizing their apartment? In between makeout sessions, of course.

1. Physical Therapists

And number one on the list of the most right-swiped for women’s profession goes to… physical therapists. Physical therapists have patience, interest in the human body, and are probably pretty goal-oriented in that they’re bettering their patients lives and, in most cases, getting them up and running again. I also imagine they have big hearts; big hearts are always a selling point when it comes to dating, you know, because love and all that jazz.

Images: Fotoliax