The Best Twitter Reactions To 'The Jacket'

Here we go again, you guys. Just when the virtual dust had settled from the back/blue and white/gold dress fiasco, yet another color debacle was born. Only this time around, instead of “the dress” it’s “the jacket.” Funny how history has a way of repeating itself, huh? Here are the 11 funniest Twitter reactions to “the jacket” because apparently, many people are in the same mindset as me and feel that it is still far too soon for another one of these color feuds.

When people look at this Adidas jacket, they see blue and white, black and brown or green and gold. I personally see black and brown, but according to a poll on BuzzFeed, seventy percent of people see blue and white. *Mind blown*

I really don’t understand much of the science behind this whole seeing different colors thing, but clearly, there are some discrepancies here. I don’t know if it’s worth blowing up the Internet over, but hey, that’s the web for you, right? Check out some of the best reactions to this new “the dress” and laugh yourself straight into the weekend. Because when something this ridiculous happens, that’s all you really can do, if you ask me.

Yep, this is happening. Again.

1. MRW

Enough said.

2. Not Again

That moment when you know it's too soon, but you can't help but share what colors you see.

3. For Real?

Definitely not a joke.

4. This Can't Be Happening

Some people just want this to end. Most people.

5. Complete Certainty

And then there are the people who have complete confidence that they are right, even though maaany people are seeing different colors.

6. Am I Dreaming?

It's far worse than a dream. It's a nightmare.

7. S.O.S

Someone help, please.

8. Waste Of Time

It's a waste of time, but what else do you have to do on a Friday afternoon?

9. Only One

Some things are just better the first time around.

10. Spin-Off Debates

This has everyone jokingly up in arms about the color of jackets everywhere.

11. Happy Anniversary

What better way to celebrate the one year anniversary of "the dress?"

One year later, and you still can't get this out of your head. Thanks, Internet.

Image: BuzzFeed/Twitter (1); Giphy (1)