Where To Shop "The Jacket" In Both Blue And Black

Another year, another Twitter clothing battle. The Jacket has taken Twitter by storm with its blue and white and black and tan tendencies, and it's looking like there won't be a for sure answer anytime soon. To clear up all the confusion, I suggest buying your own in blue or black, whichever your eye prefers.

As much as The Jacket might get you frustrated, there's no denying that it's got some serious style. I feel like if I were wearing this, I could perfectly fit in between Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid in their matching bomber jackets and look just as fabulous — regardless of the color. Unfortunately, the jacket isn't currently being sold on the Adidas site, so the world may never know what color it truly is. *Insert crying face emoji.*

While some people are busy arguing over the shade, you could instead be looking fierce. Because what's better than arguing? Shopping, my friends. The exact Adidas jacket might not be for sale on the site anymore, but there are plenty of similar styles that you can rock instead. The best part is that you'll know exactly what color it is while you wear it. Now that sounds like a much better idea to me.

The mind-boggling hue could be what this photo is all about, but I see a style moment just waiting to happen. Whether you're looking to confuse your friends, get a jump on your pop-culture Halloween costume, or just look great, there are tons of jacket look-alikes out there. Here are a few options to shop, no matter what color your eye's attracted to the most.

1. Low Collar

Supergirl Track Jacket, $70,

If you're seeing black, then this jacket is the one for you. It's a bit more sporty than the one pictured, but hey at least you'll know it's black.

2. Front Detail

Adidas Team Tiro Training Jacket, $72,

No worries, there's one for all of you blue-seers too.

3. High Collar

Original Adicolour 3, $73,

This one looks the closest to the one up for debate, but it's a combination of the color choices. I say win-win.

4. Menswear

Men's Performance Track Jacket, $50,

Believe it or not, this was tagged under the color navy. There might just be another jacket debate in our future.

5. Black On Black

Jeremy Scott For Adidas, $179,

You could always just get black on black to save a debate.

6. Laid-Back

Adidas Original Track Jacket, $70,

This jacket is the perfect athleisure add-on, no matter the color.

7. Yeezy Green

Yeezy Quilted Bomber, $1,290,

There's even a green one for all of you who though you saw this color.

It looks good no matter the color!

Images: Courtesy Brands (7)