These 2016 Oscar Red Carpet Awkward Moments Show How Quickly An Interview Can Take A Strange Turn

The best thing about Hollywood's biggest night is that it's live, which means your favorite stars are unfiltered for the briefest of moments. Often, that results in some awkward moments on the Oscars red carpet, and that certainly was the case at the 2016 Academy Awards. They include some bizarre questions, even stranger answers, and one unnecessary throwback.

With a few celebrities threatening to boycott and attending other events on Sunday, just showing up at the Academy Awards this year is something to talk about. The problem with that, of course, is that red carpet questions are always awkward to begin with. They are usually pretty fluffy — "who are you wearing?" or "who's your date?" — but you never know when a red carpet interview could take a serious turn. Of course, awkward moments don't always have to be about serious topics. They can be silly as well, and that's why we look forward to them.

In previous years, we've seen awkward moments on the red carpet thanks to the mani-cam (remember when Elisabeth Moss flipped it off?), a photobomb, and always the weather. If it's raining, too hot, or too cold, you better believe that those celebrities are going to talk about it. Honestly, the 2016 Red Carpet was pretty chill. The absence of the mani-cam might have a lot to do with that, actually. However, here are some of the funniest and most cringe-worthy moments from this year's carpet nonetheless.

1. Sofia Vergara Reminds Us Of Her Grammy Appearance

The actor and Ryan Seacrest talked about how Pitbull asked her to appear and how her taxi-inspired dress was made up in days. But since her "Taxi" dance was awkward enough itself, why were they reminding us about it?

2. Ryan Seacrest Brings Up Saoirse Ronan's Age

She was nominated for Atonement when she was 13 and Seacrest mentioned that she's "much older" now and then tried to guess her age. Not a great conversation.

3. Nick Hornby Is Confused For Ronan's Dad

Ronan has never been more relatable. On the ABC red carpet coverage, she turned around to chat with Hornby, and someone mistakenly thought she said "that's my dad," leading Good Morning America's Lara Spencer to say "we have Saoirse Ronan's dad here." The Oscar nominee had to awkwardly correct her, and I can't help but wonder who was more uncomfortable, Spencer, Ronan, or Hornby.

4. Bryan Cranston Brings Cookies With His Face On Them

...which Seacrest proceeds to drop on the ground.

5. Judd Apatow & Kris Jenner's Missed Connection

He was excited that Kris Jenner "threw" the coverage over to him, and then they tried to talk to each other without being able to hear each other... and even Apatow admitted it was awkward.

6. Patricia Clarkson Is Asked About Leo

Isn't there anything else you could ask her?

7. Michael Strahan Compares An Oscar Official To Matt Damon

I'm not sure that guy wanted to be the center of attention for any longer.

8. The Theater Is Empty As Robin Roberts Wanders

For some reason this year, some of the most awkward moments were not even outside — they were inside an echo-y theater with empty seats.

9. Ryan Gosling & Russell Crowe "Fight" In the Greenroom

Again, why are we backstage? Shouldn't the red carpet coverage be... on the red carpet? Why was Strahan trying to instigate a fight between these stars? I have so many questions.

At least these awkward moments prove that even Hollywood's biggest stars aren't immune to the occasional emabrassing moment.