What Does Your Favorite 'Fuller House' Character Say About You?

After all those months of anticipation, you went ahead and watched all of Fuller House in one weekend, didn't you? It's OK, I'm right there with you. Now that you've seen every hug, squealed at all the adorable Tommy moments, and gotten reacquainted with the She-Wolf pack, it is time to decide who is your favorite Fuller House character. No pressure, but this is kind of a big decision. Are you still a Stephanie after all these years? Were you wowed by Ramona's wonderfully confident attitude? Or were you too busy designing Team Fernando shirts to pay attention to the rest of the gang? Your favorite Fuller House character is going to say as much about you as your favorite Full House character, so choose wisely.

Is your fave all picked out? Good, because there's no take backs. It's time to delve into your psyche while also reliving all of the joy the Tanner/Fuller/Gibbler family brought to your life with their off-the-charts adorableness. Whoever said you can't go home again has clearly never met Netflix. Now let's go through that familiar red door and see what your fave character says about you because trust me, Max fans and Kimmy fans are very different people.

D.J. Tanner-Fuller


Warm and caring, you are the total mom of your group, or maybe you're an actual mom — either way you are known for always having things under control. Everyone in your life admires you for your strength, but it's totally OK to admit when you need a little help. No one can be as busy and supportive as you are without needing a break every now and then.

Stephanie Tanner


A total free spirit, you never turn down an adventure. You follow your passions in life, even if that means taking on jobs that aren't exactly lucrative. Life isn't worth living if you aren't happy. Travel, good food, good drinks, and killer stories are a few of your favorite things.

Kimmy Gibbler


Like a good cheese, you have only gotten better with age. Totally confident and secure in who you are, people cannot help but be drawn in by your charms. You are not at all concerned with what other people think. You do you and if other people don't like it, then you will toss an old school comeback at them and then moonwalk out of the room.

Ramona Gibbler


Life has dealt you a few hard knocks, but you haven't let that dampen your spirit. You can be both wonderfully sarcastic and deeply sincere depending on your mood. You put up a tough front, but you are truly a creative and loving soul with a taste for the finer things in life.

Jackson Fuller


Mischievous by nature, if you don't go looking for trouble it seems to find you anyway. Lucky for you, you happen to be so easygoing you aren't bothered by how often you find yourself in a tricky situation. You figure if you can't charm your way out of trouble then you will just take your punishment — life is too short to worry about the little things.

Max Fuller


Holy chalupas! You have a soft spot for adorableness. Easily overtaken by your feels, you have been known to "aww" on queue. There is an innocence about you that makes your friends feel like they need to look after you. Honestly, you are just a truly sincere person, and you are perfectly capable of taking care of yourself. People need to stop judging you just because you still have your Beanie Baby collection.

Tommy Fuller


Like Tommy, you have discerning tastes. You are not easily impressed by puppets, but you can amuse yourself for hours with the simplest things. Quiet and observant, you prefer to sit back and enjoy the crazy around you rather than be an active participant.



So you are a little bit dramatic. OK, you are very dramatic. The important thing is that you own it. You know your impulsive nature has gotten you into some jams in the past, but you are trying hard to change. You don't always make the best choices, but your heart is always in the right place.

Matt Harmon


Nothing is more important to you than being able to laugh. You love life with all of its crazy curveballs. While you do have a bit of a competitive streak, it's not strong enough to keep your affable spirit at bay.

Cosmo Fuller


You are a dog person. Either you have a dog or you spend your weekends lurking around dog parks in hopes of petting other people's dogs. Your love of canines runs deep, and while you can't help but compare Cosmo to Comet, when there is a dog in the room they are inevitably your favorite person.

Now that your Fuller House fave has helped you explore your personality, it's time for a rewatch, don't you think?

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