Kris Jenner Says Kanye West Should Be Grounded For His Tweets & It's A Bit Sad When You Think About It — VIDEO

Like most of the world, I initially thought Kanye West's Twitter rants were amusing — even funny. But as time has gone on, they've gone from hilariously wacky to strangely worrisome. Begging Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to bail him out of debt was perhaps the lowest point. Meanwhile, his series of tweets admiring Will Ferrell were lighthearted and fun. Still, I can't believe his wife Kim Kardashian hasn't gotten fed up and hid his phone yet. On Monday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kris Jenner finally spoke out about those rants. Ellen DeGeneres asked the momager, "Kanye is tweeting like crazy, and don’t you wanna just say, 'Stop tweeting'?" To which Jenner replied,

After that, DeGeneres joked that The Life Of Pablo rapper needs some kind of board of directors to approve his messages before he posts them. Jenner agreed, adding that sometimes his messages get misconstrued, like that whole controversy with him being $53 million in debt. According to her, what he meant is that this is how much debt he accumulated while trying to launch his Yeezy clothing line. She explained,

It makes much more sense when put that way, huh? Plus, she made sure to mention, "He's a great guy, he really is." Considering he's her son-in-law, of course she'll speak highly of him. In fact, this isn't the first time Jenner has done so.

Here's my one complaint, though: West is a grown adult. He's 38-years-old and a father of two. The fact that his mother-in-law is joking about needing to ground him isn't really funny at this point. If anything, it's a little sad. Dare I say pathetic? I'm not denying that he's talented and creative; everyone needs an outlet to vent and maybe his is Twitter. But at the same time, when his tweets are comparable to Donald Trump's, something needs to change. It's actually becoming worrisome.

The reason why is that West has become like a loose cannon — spilling his guts on Twitter, without necessarily thinking of the consequences. When he went on a rant about his Taylor Swift diss in "Famous," he said she approved the lyrics (although her rep denied that claim). Plus, he tried to say that "b*tch" is a term of endearment. I'd beg to differ. That's not an OK way to refer to any woman and certainly spreads the wrong message.

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Another troublesome tweet was when he wrote, "BILL COSBY INNOCENT !!!!!!!!!" and nothing else, which seemingly dismissed the stories of the more than 50 women who have come forward with sexual abuse allegations against the comedian. (However, Cosby has repeatedly claimed that those allegations are false.) Oh, and what about when West dragged his ex Amber Rose into his Wiz Khalifa feud and implied she was a gold digger? Some of his tweets may be lighthearted (like congratulating Leonardo DiCaprio), but when they verge on misogyny, that's not cool at all.

To see Jenner attempt to come to his rescue, you can watch the clip from Ellen below:

Although she laughs it off, I don't think the general public is finding it so funny anymore. Hopefully 'Ye will try following DeGeneres' advice and thinking twice before he posts.