11 Questions Every ‘Gilmore Girls’ Fan Has About Sookie’s Absence In The Revival

Denial. It ain’t just a river in Egypt, friends. Which is why, no matter how much time passes in between Melissa McCarthy’s tweet that she wouldn’t be returning the Stars Hollow, I just can’t accept the fact that Sookie St. James won’t be in the Gilmore Girls revival. Because it doesn’t matter how I try to spin it; I have a lot of questions about Sookie’s absence. It just doesn’t make sense. How in the world will they explain why Sookie of all people isn’t in the revival? With the fact that more and more original cast members are announcing that they’ll be returning for the four-part miniseries on Netflix, it makes even less sense than Sookie won’t be a part of it. I mean, the Life and Death Brigade is hanging around Stars Hollow nine years later, but the woman who was apart of the show from the first season is not? It makes my Sookie-loving heart feel so confused.

So, until I see the four-part series for myself — and until I see that Sookie St. James is definitely not apart of it — I’m going to keep bemoaning her scheduled absence, and asking these questions that I have because of it. Because Stars Hollow just won’t be the same with Sookie around, serving up her special dose of Inn cuisine with a side of adorable neurosis.

1. How Are They Going To Explain Her Absence?


I don’t care how talented these writers are, that is not a plot I would want to be tasked with writing. How to explain her absence without devastating fans? That’s going to be tricky.

2. What Really Went Down In Those “Talks” With McCarthy’s People?


McCarthy said she was never asked, Sherman-Palladino said she talked with her people, but what really went down in those conversations?

3. Will Sookie And Jackson Be Divorced?

It’s the theory plaguing St. James fans everywhere. Will a divorce be the storyline to explain Sookie’s noticeable absence?

4. Will They Have Even More Kids?


Without a vasectomy, it’s possible that Sookie and Jackson had even more children after the series ended. Maybe that lapse in truth-telling is what even caused their divorce.

5. Will Sookie’s Children Be Grown Up In The Revival?


I’m hoping there’s a whole new generation of Stars Hollow characters to fall in love with, and I am hoping they are Sookie and Jackson’s adorable children. Can you say spin-off?

6. Who’s Running The Kitchen At The Dragonfly Inn?

If Sookie is out, then who in the world is running the kitchen at the inn she co-owns and operates with Lorelai? I’ll give you a hint about who I’m hoping is running the show: His name rhymes with puke.

7. Who’s Keeping Lorelai Company These Days?


With her best friend out of the picture, Lorelai has to have a new buddy to keep her going crazy in a spiral of witty banter. Has Sutton Foster maybe taken her place?

8. Will Lorelai Hear From Sookie In The Wake Of Her Father’s Death?

Kelly Bishop said in an exclusive interview with TV Line that Emily Gilmore will be dealing with Richard’s death in the revival, so I can only imagine what that will mean for Lorelai’s fragile state. Will Sookie at least send a letter or card of condolence?

9. Will Jackson Be Dating Someone Else?


I can’t even think about this. I just can’t.

10. Who’s Living In Her Adorable House?


Is it still Jackson and the kids, or has someone new moved in?

11. Where The Heck Is She?


Seriously, where? Because, with everyone else from the original cast agreeing to give the revival ago, I’m worried that Amy Sherman-Palladino will have to result to some drastic plot devices to explain her absence. Like a divorce from Jackson, or — GASP! — her having died.

Now if only they would announce the premiere date already, because I don’t know how much longer I can last with all of these questions swimming around in my head.

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