Was Harry From 'Fuller House' Recast? The Series Brought Back The Character With One Major Change

Despite the noticeable absence of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen in the role of Michelle Tanner, the reboot of Full HouseFuller House — did a pretty stellar job of reuniting its far flung cast. Candace Cameron Bure and Jodie Sweetin returned to star as the other two Tanner daughters, and all three men from the original series — Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, and John Stamos — all returned to the small screen in their roles as the caretakers of the Tanner girls. The series also saw the revival of D.J.'s friends in their original casting, such as Andrea Butler as Kimmy Gibbler and Scott Weinger as Steve. But, although Stephanie's friend Harry returned, you may not have noticed, the role of Harry was recast on Fuller House.

If you are a big enough fan, you remember the adorable Harry as Stephanie's childhood friend, most notably from the episode where they decided to "marry" each other in a perfectly quaint backyard ceremony. Back on the OG series, Harry was played by an actor named Nathan Nishiguchi, and it seems that since his stint as a child actor, he has probably been pursuing other passions since he hasn't acted since 1990, according to IMDb. So, who is the new actor who appears as Harry in Fuller House?

His Name Is Michael Sun Lee

The young actor may be new to the series, but he is certainly not a beginner in the acting world. According to IMDb, Michael Sun Lee has had roles on NCIS, Hawaii Five-O, and even played an uncredited Japanese Business Man in Austin Powers: Goldmember.

He Is Passionate About The Art of Acting

Sun Lee explained his reasons for choosing this career in an interview with Examiner.com. He said that he was inspired to become an actor because of a "basic need for self expression," and his dream role is to "play a Japanese American Soldier serving in WWII in another film about the 442nd Regimental Combat Team." Or "To play Don Ho in a biopic and be the Asian Ray Liotta."

His Fuller House Role Came Pretty Easily

In the interview with Examiner.com, Sun Lee explained that he got involved with the reboot of Full House because a casting agency in Los Angeles asked him to audition for the part. Score!

It Seems Like He Enjoyed The Part

Sun Lee told Buzz Magazine Australia that Harry figures into the revival in a "very clever, funny, and nostalgic" way, and he wasn't wrong! He also said that being on set with acclaimed actors such as Bob Saget and John Stamos was "fantastic," so clearly he had a great time filming.

Though he said that everything he needed to approach playing the role of Harry was already written on the page for him, Sun Lee did tell Buzz Magazine that he watched an episode to see what the child version of Harry was like. "I remember the characters hair as a child and luckily for me, I was in between haircuts when I auditioned," Sun Lee revealed. While it's too bad the original Harry couldn't round out the cast, Sun Lee did a great job when he stepped in for the role. Too bad he and Stephanie couldn't make things work!

Image: Netflix