What To Do If Your Piercing Is Bleeding

If you just got a new piercing, you are probably full aware of how important aftercare is to make sure that your piercing heals correctly. However, if you found a bit of blood near your new jewelry and are not sure what to do if your piercing is bleeding, take a breather. I'm here to help. The most important thing to remember is that regardless of the cause of your bleeding, it's going to be OK!

A little bleeding is part of the natural piercing healing process, and you really don't need to do anything special about it. As long as you're following your piercer's aftercare instructions (which likely include a saline rinse and/or a little antibacterial soap) and not touching your piercing except for cleaning, there's really no reason to freak about bleeding. If the amount of blood seems excessive to you, simply ice the piercing until it stops.

When you do need to do something beyond standard care for a piercing, however, is when the bleeding is due to an infection. If you're experiencing bleeding along with other symptoms that suggest your piercing is infected like swelling and green or yellow discharge, it's incredibly important to call your doctor and figure out the best way to end the infection. It might be as simple as taking a few antibiotics, but in a more dramatic case, the piercing could have to go.

If you're certain your piercing isn't bleeding due to infection, one of the reasons below might be the cause.

1. Bumping The Piercing

Something as mild as pulling your shirt over your head quickly could cause your piercing to start unexpectedly bleeding.

2. Taking A Blood Thinner

If you take pain killers that also thin blood, it's not uncommon for your piercing to bleed more easily.

3. Picking The Crust

First, you should not be touching your piercing at all! But if you're an uncontrollable scab picker like me and brush the crust off from around your piercing a little too roughly, bleeding can occur.

4. Rolling Around In Bed

If you accidentally start tossing and turning in your sleep and end up putting too much pressure on your piercing, a little blood is 100 percent normal.

5. Drinking Alcohol

Similar to certain pain killers, alcohol is a blood thinner that can cause excessive bleeding of a fresh piercing. In fact, getting pierced with alcohol in your system could cause so much accidental bleeding that you end up in a hospital. Don't let that be you!

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