Jess' Job Could Be What Brings Him Back To Rory

Every day is another opportunity to spin crazy Gilmore Girls revival theories. After all, how else are we meant to kill time before the four new episodes of Gilmore Girls air on Netflix? By trying to figure out what Lorelai, Rory, and the rest of the gang have been up to since the show ended in 2007, of course. One of the biggest questions fans have is what exactly all of Rory's ex-boyfriends will be doing when they return to Stars Hollow. It's been confirmed that Logan, Dean, and Jess, will all appear in the revival episodes, though we don't yet know if Rory will be dating any or all of them when the series returns. Lucky for you, I have a new watertight theory about what Jess is doing in Star Hollow, and, by watertight, I mean completely ludicrous and made up, but bear with me.

When we last saw Jess in Season 6, he was hosting an open house at his bookstore and publishing house, to which he invited Luke and Rory. Earlier in Season 6, Jess turned up to see Rory with some exciting news — he'd written a book called The Subsect , and told Rory that her support and belief made him believe he could achieve anything. Using his final appearances in the original run of Gilmore Girls as clues, what might Jess Mariano be doing now?

As Jess's final appearances in Gilmore Girls were book-related, and revolved around his becoming an author and starting a publishing house, it seems likely that books will influence his storylines in the new episodes. Reading was something that Jess and Rory always had in common, and the fact that Jess wrote a book and became a publisher definitely inspired and impressed Rory. At the time, she was embroiled with Logan, but now that Rory is single again, will Jess and his book-ish yet super cool ways win her over once more?

It's certainly possible that Jess has written more books since Rory last saw him. As a publisher, he has likely developed an audience for his work too, and is probably making a career out of being a writer. Could it be that Jess has gotten writer's block, though? Perhaps he's been struggling to finish his latest tome, and so has returned to Stars Hollow for an impromptu writing retreat not knowing that Rory will be there. Or maybe he knows that Rory is in Stars Hollow and this is exactly why he returns. After all, his Uncle Luke lives there, so he always has an excuse to visit.

A lot of people believe that Jess and Rory are end game. Maybe Jess believes that too and, like Lucas in One Tree Hill, has been writing about his soul mate without even realising it. Will seeing Rory be the catalyst that Jess needs to start writing again? Or does he need to see her again to find out how their story ends before he can write it? Whatever happens to Jess in the new Gilmore Girls episodes, two things are sure to be as crucial as always to the character, as they're his two true loves — books and Rory.

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