'Hunger Games' Fans Will Love This Movie Remake

Temple fans, get ready. Nickelodeon announced on Tuesday that they are turning the beloved '90s game show Legends of the Hidden Temple into a made-for-TV movie . And this is not a drill, guys. Nickelodeon, who recently announced that they would be joining the reboot game to bring back some of their top shows from the ‘90s, is officially bringing back the Blue Barracudas, the Purple Parrots, and the Red Jaguars to the small screen. The exciting news sent me instantly to the Internet, where I searched for and watched clips of the show for a few hours, before I realized that this show has a lot in common with another cultural phenomenon to come across the world’s radar lately. Does Legends of the Hidden Temple remind anyone else a lot of The Hunger Games? Like a less mature, more game show version of The Hunger Games, but still. There are a lot of similarities.

Knowing, too, that the revival will follow three siblings who have to overcome a series of obstacles to stay alive, makes me think that this movie is going to appeal to more than just ‘90s kids and the diehard fans of the original show. This Legends of the Hidden Temple movie is going to majorly appeal to the most devout Hunger Games fans, too.

I mean, think about it: Legends of the Hidden Temple is like one big prequel to the Hunger Games rage that has everyone obsessed these days. There are so many things about the original show (and scheduled remake) that will appeal wholeheartedly to Hunger Games fans. The premise alone is enough to do it: A bunch of kids are sent into a manufactured obstacle course where their main task is to get to the end, alive and well? Come on. That’s pretty much an exact copy.

But now that you see the similarities, think of the challenges, too. When looked at side-by-side, they seem almost identical. The obstacles that the contestants face in both the television show and the popular book series are both physical and mental. The contestants in both face the ultimate test of endurance as they battle their way through mental tests and physical hurdles. The main objective in both — to get to the Temple and to make it out of the arena — is all about being strong mentally and physically. Seeing the similarities here?

Because pretty much everything that there is to love about The Hunger Games will be front and center in The Legend of the Hidden Temple movie: teams to root for, obstacles to overcome, the constant threat of physical violence. I mean, what’s not to love about a movie like that?

So get your arena-loving selves ready, Hunger Games fans. This movie remake is going to be right up your alley.

Image: Lionsgate Entertainment