Will Kyle & Kim Richards Make Up On 'Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills'? They're Working On A Healthy Relationship

Things on the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills are always filled to the brim with petty drama and silly fights. Normally, it is just fun to be a voyeur to these privileged women's feuds. However, this season has featured a rift that is all too serious and can be heartbreaking to watch. The battle between sisters Kim and Kyle Richards has started to feel like something that the audience shouldn't be sitting in on. In Tuesday night's episode, it looked like things were started to turn a corner into better days for their relationship, but will Kyle and Kim reconcile on RHOBH?

Well, the Richards sisters have had an extremely tumultuous relationship throughout the entire run of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. We've seen their bond tested as Kim has struggled with alcohol abuse and they've been involved in fights caused by certain castmates and "friends" meddling between them. The result is some deep rifts that they are attempting to repair on national television, which can't make things any easier.

Tuesday night saw the two sisters sitting down and tearfully hashing out some of the biggest issues they both felt were keeping them from reconciling. The topic of Brandi Glanville supposedly influencing Kim to turn against Kyle was breached, as Kyle claimed that Brandi tweets every time she sees Kim simply to hurt her sister. Kim brushed her off, which was probably for the best at that point, because that conversation was bound to get heated if it went much further.

They both seemed to agree that their main problem was allowing other people into their relationship. Kim and Kyle each realized that they should hash these issues out quietly and away from groups of people who can fuel the fire. Finally, someone is making some sense on this show!

Their meeting ended with a discussion about how much they loved each other, which was really promising. As a fan of RHOBH, I really do hope that Kim and Kyle can mend their bond and get back to a happier place.

Images: Michael Larsen/Bravo