6 Signs Your Partner Wants To Try Something New

Even if you’ve yet to realize it, you probably have a sexual fetish. Sexual fetishes are totally normal and just because one person’s fetish might not be your cup of tea, that doesn’t doesn’t mean that their fetish is weird or wrong, or anything else negative — provided it doesn’t involve children or animals, or anyone else who can’t consent. There’s nothing wrong with a little kink injected into your sex life.

Since it’s safe to assume that we all have sexual fantasies or fetishes, in one way or another, there’s a good chance that you might want to explore them with our partner. While you may feel completely comfortable sharing your kinky fantasies with your partner, that doesn’t always mean that they feel just as comfortable doing so. In fact, your partner could be at home right now wishing that you’d read their mind and finally tie them to the bed and douse them with liquid latex. (Yes, a latex fetish is real.) But unfortunately you’re not psychic, so now your partner has to resort to dropping hints in the hopes that you’ll pick up what they’re putting down.

So does your partner have a fetish they want to explore with you? It could be very likely. Here are six signs that they have some kinky interests they'd like to try out.

1. They Start Sniffing Around Your Thoughts On Fetishes In General

So there you are enjoying a lovely dinner and just as you take your third bite of pasta primavera your partner says, “I read today sex fetishes are really normal!” You stop in your tracks, put down your fork, and agree, because you already know that. You're just unsure how you went from talking about Super Tuesday to this random tangent, so you act a bit confused. Your partner might even suggest sending you the link of this study that they just happened to stumble upon, so you can understand how “normal” fetishes really are.

2. They Throw Out Different Fetishes To See How You’ll Respond

It’s a Friday night and you’re trying to get caught up on one of your favorite TV series, when your partner asks, “What do you think about retifism? You think it’s more common than urophilia?” Before you can ask them why they can’t wait until the next commercial to ask such things, they go into a whole explanation that retifism is having a shoe fetish, urophilia is a fetish for urine, and a plethora of a common sexual fetishes. Again, the question seems out of place, but you tell them your thoughts then try to get back to your show.

3. They Begin To Refer To A Particular Fetish As ‘Interesting’

You’re in a business meeting when you look down to see a text from your partner that reads: “Podophilia sounds interesting.” You pause for a second, before realizing that podophilia is a fetish for feet and text back, “Sure. Whatever. Can we talk about this later? I’m in a meeting right now.”

Before you get home that night, you get the exact same text from earlier that morning. You start to wonder if your partner is trying to tell you something or just having a slow day at work.

4. They Suggest Watching Porn With This ‘Interesting’ Fetish

It’s Sunday after brunch and you and your partner are walking through the park. You’re enjoying the silence, when all of a sudden they say, “We should watch some porn together tonight — maybe some foot fetish stuff. It just seems so interesting!” You agree, because at this point things are becoming much more clear and being the open-minded person you are, why the hell not?

5. They Mention Trying It, But In A Joking Sort Of Way

After you watch the porn, the one in which your partner was glued to the TV as if it’s their last chance to watch TV ever again, they say, “How would you feel if I licked your feet or you gave me a hand job with your feet… Haha! No, I’m just kidding!” You give them the side-eye, knowing for sure now where things are headed and you’re wishing to god that they’ll just quit beating around the bush and say it already.

6. They Just Come Out And Say It

Slightly perturbed that your partner doesn’t feel comfortable enough telling you about their fetish, but also understanding because it can be hard, you just ask them what the deal is. Finally, just when neither one of you can take it anymore, they admit to their fetish and the fact that they want to try it out. You, being the awesome supportive partner you are, assure them that they’re not weird, then suggest having an open and honest discussion about it.

Then, you take a breather, and you both feel awesome that you’re about to open an exciting, new chapter in your sex life.

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