5 Dates Every '90s Kid Went On

by Megan Grant

Dating in the '90s was really funny, mainly because most of us Millennials were all too young to actually do anything. Regardless, there are certain dates that every '90s kid went on — and looking back, I wouldn't mind doing these things today. It was all such innocent, carefree fun. Dating was about having a good time, butterflies in the stomach, and sleepless nights wondering if your crush felt the same about you. It was waiting for your mom to get off the phone so you could call your gal pal and talk about all the romantic details. It was picking out the perfect scrunchie and press-on earrings, hoping you'd impress him with your impeccable sense of fashion.

Things were a bit more tricky if you were an honest-to-goodness '90s kid — by which I mean someone under the age of 16, which automatically prevented you from being able to hop in your car and go meet your crush somewhere on your own stem. So, you'd beg Mom for a ride. You'd get in the minivan and go pick up your date. Awkwardly, you two would sit in the backseat as Mom carefully made her way to one of these popular '90s date destinations; because don't lie — we know you did these things. Everyone did. Except me. I didn't date until I was about 21.

For the rest of the world, these were the go-to '90s date spots.

1. Hanging Out At The Mall (Plus A Trip To Hot Topic And Sharing A Frozen Coke)

Back in the '90s, malls weren't just for shopping; they were also perfect for romantic walks and handholding. Aw. Don't forget a trip to your favorite store, and a cool beverage later on. (And if you were really lucky, you'd stop at Sbarro for a ridiculously greasy slice of pizza.)

2. Being Dropped Off At The Movies By Your Mom And Having To Call Collect When You Were Ready To Be Picked Up

The only movies you were old enough to see were either cartoons or starred a talking dog, but it didn't matter. You'd make out in the back row, and when it was all over, you'd dial 1-800-COLLECT on the movie theater's payphone so your mom could come get you. (Remember payphones? Those things you stuck money in so you could make a call?)

3. A Few Rounds Of Laser Tag And The Coolest Arcade Games

Laser tag was the most badass date you could go on. A little healthy competition certainly set the mood; and if you were lucky, your date would let you win. Afterward, you'd head over to the arcade games to play NBA Jam and Cruis'n USA. Life was peachy.

4. Building Bears at Build-A-Bear Workshop

This place didn't show up until the late '90s, but once it did, it was the place to be seen. The kind of bear you built spoke volumes of who you were as a person; it was expensive as hell, though, so it appealed to a very particular demographic. If you and your date went to Build-A-Bear, the relationship was definitely legit.

5. Pool Parties, Pizza Parties, And A Make-Out Sesh In The Closet

Pizza parties were all the rage. (Why don't we still have these?) And pool parties were extra scandalous because it was a chance to show off in your tankini and jelly shoes. If you weren't worried about cooties, you'd head to the closet for a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven.

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