Is Adam Really Adam On 'The Family'? The Warren Son Could Be An Imposter

Suffering from a 10-year long abduction is bound to take a vital toll on a person, however, it's becoming more and more clear that there's more to Adam Warren's kidnapping than meets the eye. In fact, I bet many of you (myself included) are starting to question the validity of his story or even whether or not Adam is an imposter on The Family . Even now, I'm skeptical to say it, since some of what he's said does seem to add up. For instance, his description of the lair he supposedly was kept in felt accurate and there definitely is a pockmarked man wandering around looking super suspicious. But at the same time, there are equally compelling arguments that are making me question Adam's identity in a very prominent way, starting with the fact that he can't seem to remember anything about his life prior to the kidnapping.

Adam was eight years old when he was abducted, which means he should have a clear recollection of at least some prominent details. And yet, he couldn't even recall who his best friend, Alex, was. In fact, he even thought she was a boy and not a girl. Now I'm not saying I remember everything from when I was that young, but I definitely know who my close friends were. And, as Danny figured out later in the episode, the details that Adam was remembering were things he could've gotten from looking at their framed family photos — like Danny's broken arm and his busted headlight.

I mean, that can't be a coincidence, right? Especially when you add it to the convenient "suicide" of the doctor who performed the DNA as well as Adam's nighttime chant of: "My name is Adam." Why would he need reminding of that, unless that's not actually his real name? Clearly, the show is trying to make us question everything, so for now Adam's motives remain unclear. But that doesn't take away from the fact that his story isn't completely adding up. We've been given some legit details (like the existence of a pockmarked man), but we don't yet have enough pieces of information to put this complex puzzle together.

Maybe he is Adam and his confusion is due to what happened to him for all those years. Or maybe he's being forced to pretend to be Adam for unknown reasons. Either way, this kid is definitely hiding something from everything and it's only a matter of time until it all bubbles to the surface and turns this already distraught family on its head.

Image: Giovanni Rufino/ABC