Is There Hope For Klamille On 'The Originals'?

Klamille and Haylijah shippers might want to sit down for this. The complicated romances between Klaus and Camille and Hayley and Elijah both took hits on The Originals, as an enemy from Klaus' past arrived in New Orleans in "An Old Friend Calls." Ever since Cami turned, she's been pulling away from Klaus, and his decision not to kill Aurora has pushed her even farther away. Meanwhile, Hayley is still feeling guilty for Jackson's death — and vengeful. Despite Elijah's ties to the Strix, Hayley has decided to take it upon herself to get revenge by killing members of the Strix who were directly responsible for killing Jackson. So, is there still hope for Camille and Klaus on The Originals ? And what about Hayley and Elijah? Things are really not looking good for either couple.

First: Klamille. Fans will remember that Klaus, never one to think ahead, decided to lock Aurora up behind a brick wall instead of kill her after her defeat. He didn't want to give her a mercifully quick death, and instead sentenced her to dry out and starve. At least, until she breaks out or is freed by some other foe. While Klaus thinks he did the fair thing — the cruel thing — Camille is not happy. She's mad that Klaus chose to keep Aurora, the woman who killed her, alive. Because she will get out, of that Cami is sure, and the first thing Aurora will do is set out to kill her. Unable to count on Klaus to protect her, Cami tells Klaus she doesn't love him anymore, that the part of her that loved him was a human part that died when she turned.

It's a lie, of course, but one that Klaus leaves town believing. And, he's not the only one leaving New Orleans with a broken heart. With his enemies coming out of the woodwork to kill him, Klaus decides to leave NOLA and disappear with Hayley and Hope. Before she goes, Hayley tells Elijah that she loves him, but can't be with him. Now that she's avenged Jackson's death, she can leave New Orleans, but she can't let herself be with Elijah because she thinks it's too big of a betrayal. Jackson loved her even though he knew she loved Elijah, and she can't be with him out of respect for Jackson. Elijah, always the gentleman, accepts her reasoning and lets her go.

Now that Klaus and Hayley are on the run, it doesn't look like there's much hope for either Klamille or Haylijah. But it wouldn't be fun if it was easy, now would it?

Images: Bob Mahoney/The CW; supagirl/tumblr; theoriginals-gifs/tumblr