Will A 'Charmed' Reunion Happen? It Would Need To Answer Some Burning Questions

If you thought the Halliwell sisters had finished working their magic, think again: In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Alyssa Milano revealed the Charmed cast is ready for a reunion. "It seems like that’s going to happen any second," Milano told ET. "I just feel like with all these reunions, and we still have such a cult following, that I feel like someone’s going to put that together at some point, and we’re all totally on board for that!"

Charmed devotees are likely on board too. While the series ran for eight seasons on The WB, fans clearly still want more if the Charmed Reunion Facebook group is any indication. And now, they may just get their wish in this era of '90s reboot fever. If Boy Meets World, Full House, The X-Files, 24, and Gilmore Girls can make comebacks, then no one should count Charmed out. While there aren't any reports — at least, none that have been made public — of a reboot, reunion, or movie, it is good to know Milano and her co-stars would be happy to bring the Halliwells back if they ever get that call. (Seriously, Netflix, can you make that call already?)

If Charmed does conjure up a reboot at some point, there are still plenty of questions the show needs to answer.

1. Did Chris' Efforts To Keep Wyatt From Going Evil Stick?

By the end of the series, Chris' efforts to keep his big brother from becoming the ultimate evil had worked, but with Wyatt continually being subjected to attempted kidnappings and various childhood traumas, who knows if he grew up to be a good guy or not? Any reunion or continuation would have to give a next generation update, and reveal whether or not Wyatt managed to use his substantial powers for good.

2. Are The Halliwell Sisters Still Practicing Magic?

The series finale offered a glimpse into the future of the sisters, and they all had cool careers and a bunch of kids. Does that mean they took a break from the whole magic thing, or did they just fine tune their time management skills?

3. Does Phoebe Ever See Cole Again?

I know Phoebe ended up with Coop, but let's be real here — Cole and Phoebe were forever. With all the time-traveling the sisters tend to do, Phoebe totally would have to see Cole again at some point. A little thing like death or being stuck between dimensions can't stand between true love.

4. Whatever Happened To Billie?

In the future she was the designated babysitter, but Billie was also a talented, fierce witch. Surely, her future holds something more interesting than babysitting for the Halliwell brood.

5. How Would They Explain Prue's Return?

If Doherty would be game to return, the reunion would have to explain Prue's presence since the eldest Halliwell sister died early in the show's run. Time travel, perhaps? It works for all the other characters.

6. Is Leo Still Running The Magic School?

Follow-up question, why hasn't any network greenlit a show about the Halliwell kids attending magic school? It's basically Hogwarts.

7. How Excited Is Phoebe That Crop Tops Are In Style Again?

I'm going to guess she is so excited, she opened up a crop top-only store.

8. Are The Elders Still Interfering Jerks?

There was no aspect of the Charmed Ones' lives that The Elders didn't want to interfere with, from their choice of husbands to their children's powers. They really need to overthrow that whole council.

9. Did Wyatt Ever Inherit Excalibur?

Piper promised to give it to him when he turned 18, but it could still be gathering dust in the attic.

10. Was The Twice-Blessed Child Prophecy Actually Erased?

Just because the elders said they erased it doesn't mean they did. If an evil scary enough ever came around, there's no way they wouldn't drop the burden of the prophecy back on Wyatt (and possibly his sister Melinda).

11. Do The Sisters All Still Live In The Manor?

It just wouldn't be the same if they didn't.

Now that Milano has my hopes up, this whole Charmed reunion thing has to happen.

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