16 Ways To Make No-Dye Easter Eggs

When it comes to holiday crafting, I love projects that step away from traditional ideas. And with Easter coming up, it means that it’s time to think of ways to decorate eggs without dye. Of course, one can argue that dyeing eggs is a tried and true Easter custom. While I totally agree, let's be real — there are so many awesome supplies and materials out there. Why not make use of them?

Making non-dye Easter projects gives you a chance to exercise your creativity and imagination. It forces you to look past conventional concepts and into an endless sea of possibilities. Sure, it's easy to pick up a dye kit in a box and call it a day… but where's the fun in that? We should totally leave the boxes to Peeps and chocolate. Just saying.

With this list of unconventional egg projects, you'll be able to throw the most awesome Easter party. These ideas are perfect for getting everyone involved; don't hesitate to make a group activity out of it! Top it off with your favorite spring recipes and mimosas for the ultimate welcome for the new season. Warm weather, good company, and unique crafts — count me in!

1. Moss

In true spring style, Love Grows Wild demonstrates how to dress up your eggs with moss, twine, and buttons. This is an awesome way to use up leftover buttons from past projects (or your grandma's button box). Take it up a notch by adding paper flowers to the mix.

2. Melted crayons

Get in touch with your inner kid by using melted crayons to decorate your Easter eggs. This is an excellent family activity, too. You can even ask relatives to bring in old and broken crayons. Head to Jenna Burger for the full tutorial.

3. Paint and paper pineapples

This project by Studio DIY proves that the simplest ideas are usually the most fun. To make these tropical eggs, you'll need yellow paint and green paper. Done and done.

4. Mini gold animals

For a charming egg project, try these gold animal versions by Flax and Twine. They're easy to make and ridiculously adorable. Win.

5. Glitter, seed beads, and embellishments

Looking for a little more bling? Make a batch of embellished Easter eggs with some help from Two Sisters Crafting. Everything from rhinestones to glitter can work for this one.

6. Fabric scraps

When it comes to crafting, it's easy to build up a serious stash of supplies. I know this struggle all too well. Instead of tossing every last bit, take a tip from Craftberry Bush and use remnants to dress up Easter eggs.

7. Nail polish

Nail polish marbling is an awesome way to finally make a dent in your stash of polishes. I mean, let's face it: nail polish hoarding is a very real thing. However, thanks to Little Inspiration, you can put that polish to good use.

8. Temporary Sailor Jerry tattoos

Tap into your inner badass with temporary tattoos featuring Sailor Jerry's iconic tattoo images. Equal parts vintage and edgy, the theme of these Easter eggs is anything but ordinary. Visit Wild Amor for the full how-to.

9. Acrylic paint and floral inspiration

If you're up for the challenge, try your hand at painting botanical images on eggs. This tutorial by The House That Lars Built proves that this technique is actually easier than it looks, I promise.

10. Book pages and ribbon

Bookworms and thrifters, this project by Inspire Co. is just for you. This is a sweet way to re-purpose old books from the thrift shop or your own collection. Top it off with scrap ribbon and embellishments for a rustic chic touch.

11. Frida Kahlo and flowers

Printable tattoo paper can also be used to honor one of our favorite legendary ladies, Frida Kahlo. In this tutorial, Little Inspiration demonstrates how to transform eggs into mini Fridas. Don't forget to complete the look with faux flower embellishments.

12. Portrait photos

Show how much you adore your friends and family by decorating eggs with their portraits. Extra points for using the funniest pictures of everyone. These are guaranteed to be a hit! Head to Little Inspiration for the full how-to.

13. Dots of acrylic paint

For a cheerful dose of color, try this beginner-friendly idea by Landeelu. All you need is acrylic paint, a pencil with a brand new eraser, and an afternoon.

14. Sharpie markers

If you're looking for an egg design with a minimalist vibe, try this Sharpie marker idea by Obviously Sweet. Who knew Sharpies could look so chic?

15. White paint markers

Want a different take on the minimalist style? Use white markers on brown eggs, just like Kaley Ann did. This is ideal if you're craving a more natural theme.

16. Glitter

If you're looking for something glitzy and fun, turn to The Girl Inspired. Her tutorial shows us how to use glitter to make simple yet sweet designs. What's up, sparkle and shine?

For more DIY inspiration, check out Bustle on YouTube.

Images: Love Grows Wild; Jenna Burger; Studio DIY; Flax and Twine; Two Sisters Crafting; Craftberry Bush; Little Inspiration; Wild Amor; The House That Lars Built; Inspire Co.; Little Inspiration; Little Inspiration; Landeelu; Obviously Sweet; Kaley Ann; The Girl Inspired