Who Are The Millers On 'House Of Cards'? The Family Could Affect The Rest Of The Series

In the world of House of Cards, new threats pop up every day. While Frank Underwood's main goals as president were once to pass the America Works bill and find diplomacy with Russia, Season 4 finds him working to save his marriage and deal with terrorist groups. These days, there are far more victims of Frank's presidency than just Zoe Barnes and Peter Russo, even if not directly by Frank's hand. Season 4 Episode 12 introduces viewers to the Miller family, who has been taken hostage by ICO, the Islamic Caliphate Organization, a fictionalized version of ISIS. But just who are the Millers on HoC, and how will their kidnapping affect Frank's presidency and the upcoming elections?

On the show, the Millers, consisting of Jim, Caroline, and their teenage daughter Melissa, seem to be an average American family from the suburbs who got caught up in the ICO's terrorism purely by tragedy of circumstance. They happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and as a result, became the most important family in Underwood's America overnight. Taken by an American branch of ICO while leaving a Denny's in their home of Knoxville, TN, the family went through a hellish experience — but what impact can fans expect The Millers to have on Season 5 of House of Cards?

At the end of Season 4, Jim Miller is assassinated by ICO as the entire country watches. This is likely going to plunge Underwood's America into a level of fear not seen since the Sept. 11 attacks, which seems to be exactly what Frank wants. As he tells the viewers after the assassination, "We don't submit to terror. We make the terror." The death of Jim Miller is playing right into Frank's plan; he used fear and intimidation to make his way to the top, and now he's going to use it to rule the nation and get his way.

As for Caroline and Melissa, this probably won't be the last we've heard of them. With Jim as the victim of such a horrendous act of terrorism, his wife and daughter will likely become the subject of media interest. The two women could also be very powerful tools in the Underwood-Conway election, as their endorsement for either of the candidates could leave a major impact on any Americans whose primary interest is anti-terrorism. And even if that's not the case, House of Cards has a penchant for bringing back its less-remembered characters (be honest: you totally forgot about Tom Hammerschmidt), so expect Caroline and Melissa Miller to show up in Season 5 for some reason or another.

And even if, surprisingly, the Millers do not make an appearance in Season 5 or continue to be relevant to the series, their impact will surely be felt during the approaching election and the remainder of the Underwood presidency. Frank and Claire have knowingly subjected their country to terror, and are willing to continue to utilize it to get the power they so dearly crave. Both of them, but Frank especially, have operated as criminals previously, but it seems that now, they're going all-out, and nobody is safe.

Image: Netflix, televisiongifs/Tumblr