These Foodie Comics Have Seen Into All Of Our Hungry Souls

If everything that Liz Lemon's character said on 30 Rock is to be believed, food is the one unique puzzle piece that connects us all to one another. Maybe that is the reason why I find these comics about foodies so dang entertaining — and many others do as well. After all, what can be better than sitting down and having a delicious comforting meal with friends and family? Even bad dates seem to vanish and crumble under the weight of a well-paired main course and desert. We all have a favorite meal, a favorite restaurant and a favorite memory of a family member making something mouth watering at a holiday dinner. Basically, food rules.

Artist company called Lingvistov just published a list of their favorite illustrations featuring the topic of food. As I went through them, I couldn't help but stop at the exact moments I could relate to the drawings and their accompanying message. Let's just say I stopped a lot. Food is such a universal thing that we tend to forget its importance. After all — we all eat! We have to! That's how our bodies function in the real world. No matter the allergies or personal taste, we all need food to live. We even invent weird new combinations of colors and flavors, like in this rainbow colored doughnut, just to experience something new! Honestly, I might think about voting for a slice of pizza if it ran in the 2016 election.

Lucky for us, Lingvistov has prints available for purchase that might just make your house the place to be. Life is too short not to enjoy that delicious ice-cream desert, that perfectly fluffy quinoa platter, or the tangy star-fruit someone brought to your house as a joke. (Joke's on them — that fruit was perfect.) So sit back and see if you can spot a little of yourself in these adorable illustrations.

I have been saying this one for years. I don't need flowers, or weirdly expensive jewelry. What I need is someone who is willing to cook delicious meals for me and never complain when I ask for seconds. It's not my fault I have such high standards guys! I was born this way.

Here's the thing — I agree 100 percent. How amazing would it be if you watch a weirdly hypnotizing food commercial late at night, and you have to do is just press a button in order to have it plop right into your lap? That's it! I get that we have the Internet, or whatever, but this technology would be useful to everyone. Young, old, hipster, recovering free base name it! Everyone would be down with teleporting food into laps around the world.

And finally, a philosophical conundrum that would even make René Descartes proud. You know he would appreciate the cleverness as someone who has a silent letter in their name. Fancy.

Images: Courtesy of Livingstov