11 Parts Of Your Body To Show Off Come Spring As You Shed Those Layers

As the days get warmer, I've grown ecstatic at the idea of finally emerging from my multi-layered shell and throwing on that floral skirt I've been missing since September. But come this seasonal change, I'm often forced to reconsider my relationship with my body and with body positivity in general. Winter is usually a time for covering up every square inch of your skin in the hopes that you don't catch yet another cold. Under all that fabric, many of us get to hide all the parts of our bodies that we may feel uneasy about (like our wider thighs or wiggly underarms) — essentially leaving our body insecurities to hibernate until the sun starts shining.

Cracking the shell that winter often forms around us as we once again face our body insecurities head on in warm weather-friendly outfits is no easy feat. Achieving radical acceptance of our bodies by showing off our greatest vulnerabilities can be super difficult, and not everyone is ready for it. But, from my experiences, I know that you can't truly get the ball rolling until you just dive in and give it a try. Through trial and error, I found that wearing more revealing clothes and showing a little more skin does wonders for me in the self-love department, reminding me that my belly, skin, and thighs are worth showing off.

Even if it might feel scary at first, here are some parts of your body to look forward to uncovering this spring.

1. Arms

Let go of your sweaters as well as the fear of showing off your jiggly underarms or glorious armpit chub, and show off your arms this spring in short sleeves. Bonus points for sleeveless tops and spaghetti straps.

2. Bellies

Take your crop tops out of storage and your belly out of hiding. Screw the "crop tops for flat tummies only" rule, and flaunt your tummy with pride.

3. Legs

Let your lovely legs get their first glimpse of sunshine in months, and deck them out in your favorite tight shorts or floral skirt.

4. Chests

I definitely feel shy about my showing my cleavage, which is only exacerbated by hiding it during the colder months. But the warm and sunshine-y weather is a perfect excuse to bring your boobs on their first public test drive in months.

5. Torsos

Giving visibility to the curves of your torso and waist during the winter is hard, thanks to the millions of wooly layers we usually wrap ourselves in to fight the season's cold air. But take advantage of the changing climate and show off your beautiful body shape in a form-fitting top.

6. Thighs

Throw on a pair of short shorts and flaunt your liberated thighs with pride — wiggles, cellulite, and stretchies included.

7. Shoulders

With all the skin liberation going on come summer, don't forget to let your shoulders feel the spring's breeze too. Rock a top with fun cut-outs, or something that falls completely off one or both shoulders.

8. Necks

No longer burdened by turtlenecks and scarves, show off your neck this spring with the help of some low-cut tops. Don't worry about your double chin. The more, the merrier.

9. Feet

I've always felt insecure about my feet, but this spring I resolve to wear more open-toed shoes in the name of body positivity.

10. All The Skin

The sun is out, like, all the time now. Let your skin take a long drink of the sweet Vitamin D it's been missing.

11. Bikini Bods

Bikini season is right around the corner, so get stoked to show off your gorgeous shape in a bathing suit of your choosing. And remember: bikini + body = bikini body.

Getting used to showing off your body again in time for spring can be quite the adjustment. But I look forward to this change in the hopes that it brings me even closer to ultimate body positivity.

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Images: Meg Zulch; Pexels