Who Will Craig Robinson Play On 'Mr. Robot' Season 2? USA's Buzzy Drama Just Got A Lot Funnier

In its buzzy first season, USA's Golden Globe-winning techno-drama Mr. Robot wasn't exactly known for its sense of humor. Sure, Christian Slater's titular imaginary character had a sardonic wit and Darlene made us chuckle a few times. But this isn't a show you really tune into for a good laugh… which is what makes this more recent bit of casting news particularly eyebrow-raising. According to Deadline, comedian Craig Robinson is joining Mr. Robot Season 2 in a recurring role.

While USA hasn't released too many specifics on who the funnyman — best known as The Office's Darryl or for his roles in big screen comedies like Pineapple Express and Hot Tub Time Machine — will be playing, Deadline did have a little hint: apparently his character is named Ray, and he is a "neighborhood local who reaches out to Elliot in his time of need."

It might be natural to assume that Robinson's Ray will be the comedic relief of the show, but remember that Mr. Robot often sees its actors playing somewhat out of type: Carly Chaikin, best known for playing ditzy Dalia on Suburgatory as the brilliant but dour Darlene; B.D. Wong, a lovable film and stage actor, as enigmatic transgender hacker White Rose. Perhaps Mr. Robot will reveal an unexpected side of Robinson, giving the actor a chance to show off his dramatic chops. Or maybe he really is just there to make jokes. Who knows?

Whether his role is serious or comedic, really, who could Robinson be playing? A "neighborhood local" who provides help to Rami Malek's Elliot could mean any number of things. Will he be another hacker that offers to assist Elliot in his war against Evil Corp? Could he just be an innocent bystander who somehow gets drawn into the tangled web of society against his will? Or, my personal favorite theory, could he be another local businessman who was friends with Elliot's father back when he owned his Mr. Robot computer store? Season 2 will undoubtedly have to delve more into Elliot's past and family history after Season 1's game-changing twists; could Ray be the person who helps Elliot do that?

Robinson isn't the only new face viewers will see when they tune into the sophomore season of Mr. Robot. The Newsroom's Grace Gummer previously joined the cast as a series regular in the role of Dom, an F.B.I. agent investigating the Evil Corp hack. Chris Conroy (Sorority Row) and hip hop artist Joey Bada$$ join Robinson in recurring roles, the former as a new man in Joanna Wellick's life, the latter as a new friend of Elliot's. Also, Season 1 recurring players Stephanie Corneliussen (Joanna Wellick) and Michael Cristofer (Phillip Price) have both been upped to series regulars.

In the midst of all this casting news, still no word on Season 1's biggest cliffhanger: Whatever happened to Tyrell Wellick? We'll just have to tune in to Mr. Robot Season 2 this summer to find out if his portrayer, Martin Wallström, is still on the show. It's a bigger mystery than the fate of Jon Snow at this point, that's for sure.

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