Find Your Bliss In These Rainbow Peeps S'mores

Now you can have your s'mores and Instagram the bejeezus out of them too, thanks to this rainbow Peeps s'mores recipe from Delish. In case your winter hibernation has prevented you from venturing to a grocery store lately, you should know that we are decidedly in Peeps season, otherwise known as that murky area between winter and spring. And what a mighty Peeps season it has been so far — between the resurgence of Peeps milk and the Peeps Hamilton diorama that went viral on Twitter, it's clear that as a nation we have fully endorsed the "go big or go home" nature of these little sugarcoated chickadees. This rainbow Peep s'mores is just one more shred of proof that as a human race we are continuing to evolve, explore new frontiers, and bedazzle our Insta feeds.

Although there are plenty of awesome recipes you can make with Peeps, I would argue that this is among the best. Look at it this way: in my head there's a Millennial cooking scale, and on one axis is "the effort you put into something" and on the other is "how baller that something looks when you bring it movie night". This settles right into that chart's sweet spot, because the effort is absolutely minimal and the payoff is mind-bogglingly gorgeous. Blowing your peeps up in the microwave was soooooo 2006, guys. We're GROWN now, and that means that our Peeps pastures are now rainbow and s'mores laden.

Here's how simple it is, all you fellow baking pioneers.

Boom, Chocolate

If you manage to get past this step without just shoving all the chocolate chips, you're already an American hero.

BOOM, Heavy Whipping Cream

Is it getting hot in here or is it just my unfathomable chocolate lust? Make sure the heavy whipping cream is warm before you pour it in (according to the instructions on the video, 30 seconds in the microwave ought to do it).


I see now that the universe created Peeps in all of their glorious colors so this right here could be a reality. Once your peeps are secure and to your aesthetic liking, you can pop them in the oven at 450 degrees until they look as mouthwateringly brill as this does.

Live In The Glory Of Your Peeps Swag

I don't have to have died yet to know this is what the gates of heaven look like.

For specific instructions on how to make this gift to humankind, here's the full instructional Peeps video from Delish below. Looking forward to all the rampant #rainbowsmores #noms #nofilter hashtags coming to an Insta feed near you.

Images: YouTube