'Full Frontal With Samantha Bee' Tackled Bernie Shushing Hillary & The Jokes Will Help Us Put That Moment Behind Us

While most of the jokes on late night programming coming out of the weekend's debates focused on "Little Marco," penis size, and lip boogers, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee covered the Democratic Debate as well. Specifically, Samantha Bee commented on Bernie Sanders shushing Hillary Clinton, a now infamous moment.

The segment covered the entire Democratic Debate, not just the one incident. "Last night I skipped The Walking Dead to watch two hours of The Standing Barely Alive," she joked. Bee didn't call Bernie's general shushing of Hillary and "excuse me, I'm talking"/"let me finish" comments sexist — though I am always interested in debating the gender politics of interruption — but instead focused on his finger-wagging and saying "you'll have your turn" instead.

"Bad choice of words, Bernie," Bee said, "after 25 years 'wait, you'll have your turn' is Hillary's trigger. Speaking as someone who's been at the receiving end of a lot of fingers — no, I'm sorry. Let me start again. As a woman who's tired of getting the finger — no, that doesn't work either. Look, as a woman, can I say that if Hillary becomes President and any man tries to shut her up with a finger in her face again, I hope she takes it out with a f*cking drone strike."

Yeah, Bernie Sanders wags his finger in everyone's face — not just Hillary Clinton or women specifically. He's waving his finger at America. It's kind of his thing and it isn't always unmerited — there's plenty to wag about America. However, it's also one of the reasons I don't particularly like watching Bernie Sanders speak, no matter how much I may or may not agree with what he's saying. Being condescended to and yelled at by someone who looks like my Grandpa is not something to which I willingly submit myself. It's a debate, not a fight, and while Hillary Clinton does not need to be treated with any more or less respect than any candidate because of her gender (weird thing to have to say, isn't it) — she's not starting out on equal playing field in this country because of her gender so instances like this tend to sting all the more.

With this Full Frontal segment and these jokes in particular, Samantha Bee managed to throw a little shade on Bernie's shade while also diffusing the situation. This is honestly a small moment in the grand scheme of this election, and we can all move on.

Image: TBS