15 Spring Cleaning Apps That Take The Stress Out Of Getting Organized

Spring cleaning can be a daunting task, but luckily there are a handful of spring cleaning apps that can help. Nowadays, there's an app for everything, but finding the right ones to meet your needs can be a process. When you have spring cleaning on the brain — and the long list of things that need to get done — what you need are straightforward apps that streamline your efforts, delivering the right amount of support without additional hassle. When taking on the workload this year, if you're up for a little help (in the palm of your hand), here's a roundup of 15 apps that promise to take the stress out of spring cleaning.

The lineup covers a range of needs and functions within the umbrella of spring cleaning. You'll find general support for home task planning complete with how-tos and scheduling. If you want to "cheat" and outsource some of your chores, there are apps for that too, and with just a click you can hire someone to take on the dirty work. Once you've determined exactly what you want to get rid of, there's a handful of apps that allow you to decrease your clutter while increasing your bank account, and also dispose of junk forever while remaining environmentally friendly. And since we all know spring cleaning goes beyond making sure your home is squeaky clean, there's a shortlist of apps that help you organize everything such as your bills, inbox, receipts, business cards, and even the camera roll on your phone. So before you take on all that's ahead of you, head to the App Store and set yourself up for a successful and stress-free spring cleaning.

1. BrightNest

This app is a must-have for any dedicated spring cleaner. HGTV says when they happened upon BrightNest, "it was as if a chorus of responsible angels started singing." The app helps you tackle important home tasks, managing scheduling and providing customized tips based on your needs. You can also access thousands of articles covering cleaning, organizing, design, and maintenance — like changing air filters, unclogging a showerhead, and even upcycling wine bottles — with how-tos right at your fingertips.

2. GoodGuide

While you're scrubbing away at tiles and wiping down tables, make sure you're using safe, healthy, and socially responsible products. GoodGuide gives you ratings for over 210,000 products and the companies that manufacture them, judging them on their health, environmental, and social impact. You can easily browse categories, search for specific products, or even scan the barcodes of products you already have to view the rating.

3. TaskRabbit

If you realize you simply have too much on your plate once you've written up your spring cleaning to-do list, TaskRabbit is here to help. From running errands to building furniture and every task in between, the app's "Taskers" can be conveniently hired in less than a minute to take care of a variety of your needs. Outsource the chores you don't have the time or energy for and complete your spring cleaning in record time.

4. Handy

If you're in need of some home-related help that requires a little more skill, book a trusted handyman through the Handy app. The background-checked and insured professionals in the network handle everything from plumbing services to installing air conditioners, door knobs, and window treatments. Let them handle the big stuff while you tackle organizing your junk drawer.

5. Poshmark

Looking to downsize your wardrobe but would also like to make some money doing it? You need Poshmark in your life. You're essentially consigning your closet and once your listings are up they stay up and you can continue to share and wait for offers. I started using the app earlier this year and made over a hundred dollars in my first week. I'm now addicted and have sold everything from clothes I bought as impulse buys, to shoes that don't quite fit, to wallets and bags I was gifted but know I'll never use. The app is super simple, you just post your items and once they sell (and they will) you receive a prepaid shipping label and just have to wrap up your sale and drop it in the mailbox. You can use the credit to purchase other things on the site or request a direct deposit right into your bank account.

6. Decluttr

Still have your first Britney Spears CD from 4th grade? OK, that's actually awesome, and you should probably keep it — but if you have other less-awesome selections of the CD, DVD, or game variety you don't care to hold on to, finally dispose of them while earning a little extra cash. Simply download the Decluttr app, snap a pic of the unwanted item's barcode, and get an instant offer price. If you like what you see, click to complete and you ship your items in for free.

7. eBay

For everything else you just don't need in your life anymore that's still in sellable condition, there's eBay. The app makes selling even easier, allowing you to list your items for sale in just minutes, then stay updated with customizable alerts. Even Oprah — that Oprah — just used eBay to auction off more than 200 of her own items (think Manolo Blahnik and Chanel) in celebration of the spring cleaning spirit. While you may not have the closet or fan base to match Oprah's, with eBay's 162 million active buyers, your goods will be reaching a massive audience.

8. Shyp

Have items you think might be of better use somewhere else? Like your old guitar you never touch anymore but would be a great gift for your cousin who just started taking lessons, or the winter coat collection that's stayed packed away since you moved to SoCal but would look great on your little sister who's still up north? Finally give these items a proper home without the headache of shipping with the Shyp app. Currently available in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago (with more cities coming soon), you can ship almost anything with a simple click. They arrive in 20 minutes to pick up what you want to send, package it for you, then ship it off choosing the lowest shipping rate possible.

9. iRecycle

For things you aren't reselling that need to be recycled, streamline your process with iRecycle. The app tells you how, where, and when to recycle over 350 materials, finding locations closest to you and giving you details about the collection points.

10. Think Dirty

Spring cleaning isn't just about decluttering your home, but also detoxifying what's in it. While you're conducting a cosmetics and personal care audit (ideally throwing away anything that's expired, gotten crusty, or boasts branding that looks straight out of the '90s) you can go the next step and see if what you're using is actually good for you. Use Think Dirty to scan the barcode of the products you already use (or the ones you're considering buying) and the app will give you straightforward info on potentially toxic ingredients, health impacts, certifications, and overall rating. Once you've scanned everything that's in your bathroom, you can track your progress on "cleaning it up" as you dispose and replace with less harmful alternatives.

11. PaperKarma

Over it with junk mail that piles up on your kitchen table or fills up your recycling bin? Clear the clutter by stopping it before it even happens. PaperKarma helps you unsubscribe from unwanted paper mail with just a photo. Snap a pic of the catalog, coupon book, or credit card offer you don't want to continue receiving, and PaperKarma will take care of the rest. You'll be doing your part to cut down on paper waste while also having less and less unwanted mail to deal with each month.

12. Unroll.Me

For digital mail, Unroll.Me steps in to declutter your inbox. The app not only helps you unsubscribe from unwanted emails with a simple swipe left (sound familiar?), but it also allows you to consolidate particular emails into a convenient daily digest. Your inbox will never be so organized.

13. Evernote Scannable

You know that drawer with all those papers you know you have to keep but you're still planning on getting to? Everyone has one. Finally tackle them by going completely digital, organize them beautifully right on your phone, and move on. Evernote Scannable allows you to scan receipts, contracts, business cards, and any other paper items you need to keep but don't want lying around or getting lost. All you do is snap a pic of the documents and they're automatically adjusted to be clear and easy to read. After that they're saved on your phone, and available to email, text, or export as PDF and JPG files.

14. FileThis

Spring clean your bills, statements, and other important documents with FileThis. The app organizes all your important documents in one place with bank-level security so you never lose a statement or incur a late fee again. You can view all your payments at a glance and manage everything from one account — billing and invoicing from anywhere. Go paperless by snapping pics to capture and store receipts on the go, setting yourself up for a less stressful tax experience next year.

15. Flic

Finally, give your phone a little spring cleaning loving too. Constantly struggling with memory or simply don't like carrying around a collection of unwanted photos with you everywhere you go? Let Flic help you clean up your camera roll à la Tinder style with easy left and right swipes to determine which photos you want to keep. The results are five times faster than deleting from the camera roll, and the app shows you just how much memory space you free up with every picture you delete.

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