8 Quick And Easy Lunch Break Workouts

Admit it, you've probably made a few (or several) excuses to skip exercising. You’re not the only one! And while you're probably cringing at the thought of lunch break workouts, hear me out. It’s not as bad as it seems. We all know physical activity is good for us. It’s necessary to keep our bodies (and minds) working the way they should. However, it’s definitely hard to muster up the motivation to get going. Kudos to the people who can get up at 5 a.m. and break a sweat — y'all are impressive.

This is why I want to chat about lunch break workouts. Early mornings aren’t for everyone; this much I know. And by the time you're out of work, you probably want to wind down. So, why not squeeze in a productive workout in between?

I know… there are sandwiches to be eaten and newsfeeds to be updated. But when a workout requires as little as five to 20 minutes, you’ve basically run out of excuses. Even if you took on a workout three times a week, you will still feel a difference.

In the time it takes to scroll through Facebook, you can turn your day around with one of these quick workouts. Trust me on this one!

1. Five-Minute Thigh Exercise

This workout requires zero equipment and five minutes of your time. The exercises are separated into 40-second bursts separated by five-second breaks. Get ready to feel the burn! You'll even have some time left to finish that sandwich.

2. 15-Minute Yoga Quickie

In just 15 minutes, you can stretch it out with a sweet and simple yoga routine. This is especially useful if you sit at a desk all day. It's just a matter of finding a quiet spot to do your thing. By the time you head back to work, you'll feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

3. Five-Minute Ab Workout

Comprised of six different moves, this medley of ab workouts can be done standing up. The instructor even offers modified moves for beginners. The only equipment you'll need is a weight, but a heavy book works just as great. What's up, office supplies?

4. Pick-Me-Up Pilates Quickie

Created for those who want a fast and quick exercise, this pilates routine will get those feel-good vibes going. All you need is a yoga mat and less than 10 minutes of your break. Turn that frown upside down, guys.

5. 10-Minute Strength Training Workout

Complete with core workouts, this exercise regime is designed to keep runners in check. And even if you aren't a hardcore runner, you'll still be able to reap some serious benefits. You'll get your heart rate up, tone those muscles, and stretch things out. What's not to love?

6. 15-Minute Cardio

To take things up a notch, try this mini cardio boot camp. Featuring nine 35-second exercises with 10-second breaks, this will get your body moving and grooving. Finally, you can break out a sweat without rushing to a meeting. Score.

7. 15-Minute Beginner Boot Camp

If you're looking for a beginner-friendly version, this jump-free boot camp will be right up your alley. You also won't need any weights, making it an easy one to sneak in during lunch. There's a healthy mix of cardio, strength training, and even a plank ending.

8. Five-Minute Total Body Workout

For the busy lady who wants it all, this total body workout will give all of that and then some. This routine, comprised of five different moves, is an awesome way to shake it off before heading back to the grind. Plus, this video demonstrates both beginner and advanced versions, letting you progress at your own pace.

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Image: Pexels