10 Awkward Things About Middle School Dances

by Megan Grant
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Back in middle school, there were cool, smooth, social butterflies... and then there was me, eating my lunch in the library. I vividly remember nearly every uncomfortable moment of my pre-teen and teenage years, including (but not limited to) all of the awkward things about middle school dances. The confusion, the self-consciousness, the constant fear of what I looked like doing the YMCA... I think my favorite part of the whole thing was going to the mall with my mom to shop for a dress.

Honestly, are you ever as unsure of yourself as you are during your middle school years? You suddenly sprout boobs, you finally get your period and it feels like it ruins your life, and all you want to do is fit in. You start getting curious about other people, other people start getting curious about your boobs, and hormones are everywhere. Everywhere. No wonder middle school dances were awkward as hell.

There are definitely some pleasant memories from these days — getting all dolled up, the excitement you felt upon first seeing the cafeteria decorated with streamers and balloons, drinking fruit punch with your gal pals and pretending it was something a little more "grown up." On the flip side, there are those outright uncomfortable moments that you will never be able to un-live.

1. Parent And Teacher Chaperones Watching Your Every Move

Awkward City, Population: You. Nothing was ever the same after your history teacher caught you mouthing the wrong lyrics to "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" by Aerosmith.

2. Pre-Dance Posed Photos In Front Of Your House

It got even worse if you were in a huge group and a bunch of parents were taking pictures at the same time. You were usually the one person looking in the wrong direction.

3. Slow-Dancing A Foot Apart

You kept your arms completely straight, and if your teachers really wanted to ruin the night, they'd walk around and stick a ruler in between all the couples.

4. Not Having Anyone To Slow Dance With... Period

If anything made you want to transfer schools, it was being the lonely twit standing in the middle of the gym with no one to hold during a slow song. The joys of being single would come later, with time, but back then? Tragedy.

5. Totally Overdressing For The Occasion

Remember the year you showed up in a wedding gown, tiara, and feather boa? So much fun! Except... no.

6. Underdressing Was Awkward As Hell, Too

So the next year, you showed up in a floral print sundress, and then no one would sit with you at lunch the next day.

7. Not Knowing The Moves To A Specific Song

Just forget it and go hide in the bathroom until it's over. Seriously.

8. Being Thrown Into The Middle Of The Dance Circle

Some of the guys knew how to do the worm, and a few girls could robot like a pro. But your classmates weren't quite as impressed with your ability to snap your fingers.

9. Trying To Pretend Your Heels Weren't Putting You In Immense Pain

The brave souls who had finally had it would take their shoes off and walk around barefoot, finally finding some relief and defying all risks of a staph infection.

10. Your Hair And Make-Up Totally Abandoning Ship

You looked so cute when you left the house. By the end of the night, all of your mascara is smeared above your eyelids, your hair is stuck to the back of your neck, and you smell like a hundred hormonal teenagers who just rubbed up against each other.

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