Amy Poehler Wrote Kevin G's 'Mean Girls' Rap?!

Some days, even the staunchest Amy Poehler obsessives look around at each other, exhausted, and think: "She couldn't possibly reveal another reason for us to love her, could she?" Adding onto the unending pile today was Mean Girls director Mark Waters who revealed that, of course, it was Poehler who created Kevin G's memorable rap from the talent show scene. Uuughhhh Amy Poehler you goddamn gift to comedy, you.

In an interview with Vulture, Waters revealed the tidbit, stating that the screenplay's author — a.k.a. everyone's other lady hero Tina Fey — handed the reins over to Poehler when it came time for mathlete Kevin Gnapoor to spit some rhymes. "She'll actually give credit to Amy for this, because Amy is more of the rap person," said Waters.

Because of course. Because Amy Poehler has proven herself time and time again to be the sort of women many of us ladies aspire to be: inspiring, awesome, smart, thoughtful, kind, hilarious, giving, generous, brilliant, clever, absolutely hilarious, and secretly really adept at rapping. "Amy definitely coached him on how to do the rap, and she actually gave him some of the moves and choreography for it," Waters explained.

It's especially interesting when you consider that, according to Waters, initially Paramount (the film's studio) didn't want any SNL folks in the film. "It's weird, but Paramount had a nervousness about Saturday Night Live. They'd been burned on some Saturday Night Live movies that had come from Lorne, so they didn't want many Saturday Night Live actors in Mean Girls, because then it might feel like an SNL movie and people might shy away from it."

Luckily they were smart enough to see the brilliance that came with casting Poehler in the film and also showcasing yet another one of her myriad skills: that of budding rap visionary. Kevin G's rap wasn't the first instance of Poehler's rap game greatness. We all remember her pregnant bounding across the stage in a 2008 episode of SNL wherein the comedian stepped in to spit some rhymes on behalf of Sarah Palin, right (the rap starts at :50)?

Or more recently on Comedy Bang Bang, where she freestyled (wonderfully) about Paula Deen, racism, and butter.

And here's Kevin G's rap for those sucker MCs out there that need a reminder:

Amy Poehler: please never change and keep doing you and also maybe teach us your ways because I mean, really: no one should have all that brilliance and not share.