'Game Of Thrones' Season 6 Spoilers That The Cast Have Revealed

Even by Game of Thrones standards, the buildup to Game of Thrones' Season 6 season has been particularly spoiler-tastic. There are lots of reasons for this increase in fervor: there were some particularly intriguing/upsetting deaths at the end of Season 5, there were rumors that the season would take an especially long time to air, and, most of all, the series has finally outpaced the books. This means that, unlike previous seasons of the show, book readers don't have the advantage of knowing what will happen, who will survive, and what battles are about to make us queasy.

One source that has been especially ripe for spoilers has been the GoT cast. Who can blame them? They've spent weeks filming a show that is full of intrigue and drama, and all reporters and fans want to know is the smallest little detail about what might happen in upcoming seasons. In fact, the cast has done pretty well about keeping the big things under wraps, if you consider all the people who are ready to pounce on the slightest hint about Season 6. Here are the spoilers and potential spoilers that the cast members have revealed in the excitement leading up to the sixth season of Game of Thrones.

1. Ian McShane


The actor was cast in the sixth season, and basically revealed that he'd play Septon Meribald, a character from A Feast For Crowsa. Septon Meribald is a warrior turned priest, who is likely to help bring the Hound back, according to a very popular and widely believed fan theory. McShane basically confirmed this by mentioning that he'd "bring back a much-loved character who everybody thinks is dead."

Natalie Dormer


The actress, who plays Margaery on the series, revealed in a Jimmy Kimmel interview that she was filming in Spain and Belfast, which definitely suggests that she will escape the cell she was in at the end of the last season.

Maisie Williams

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Arya Stark likes to play with her fans, but her tease that she couldn't say whether Jon Snow is "going to be alive" majorly fueled speculation that he might be revived, but not fully alive. Even if her hint wasn't all that helpful.

Sophie Turner

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The older Stark sister revealed on the Oscars red carpet that she doesn't die this season, but a lot of people do. "I'm like flicking through [the script] saying, death, death, death, death... alright, I'm good for this season," she said.

Kit Harington

Rob Kim/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The actor whose dubiously deceased character has been the source of many of the rumors for the upcoming season has been unfortunately tight-lipped. One thing he did clarify in an interview with the BBC was that Jon Snow did die; "All I can tell you is Jon Snow is dead — he died at the end of the last season."

Emila Clarke


Asked to confirm whether John Snow was alive with a wink, Clarke appeased the crowd at the Independent Spirit Awards by winking (and totally contradicting Harington's above promise).

Nathalie Emmanuel


The actress who plays Missandei on the show told Digital Spy that lots of characters would meet for the first time this season, an exciting promise for a show with such a widely spread cast of characters.

The cast have done a pretty great job not spoiling this season. For the most part, it's still a mystery, a wonder in a digital and highly obsessive age. But the little gems that they've given us are more than enough to fuel our speculation until the season finally debuts and answers all of our questions.